Is Hengxing asset limited licenced?

By Litu chen, from Canada, July 14, 2021 at 09:12 PM

i have registered an account in and put in some money in it , but recently account has been frozen. is Hengxing asset limited with broker licensed in Hong Kong ? it looks a fraud website

Answer: Hi Litu chen,

HengXing Assets Limited claims to be an international online trading services provider. The broker does not mention any information about its regulation, so we assume it doesn’t have any. We couldn’t find details about broker’s location/address as well. What we are trying to say here is that considering these facts it is clear the company is not authorised to provide the above mentioned services.

Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting your money back. We would recommend to stop any cooperation with this broker and NOT invest more. Also, you need to report to the local financial regulator, so they can investigate and suspend the scam company.

3 responses to “Is Hengxing asset limited licenced?”

  1. DO NOT put any money into this broker. This website is complete scam, they will make the account looks like you have earn a lot of money and then they will frozen your account and tell you to pay for the handling fee, then when you want the money to be send to the oversea account they will tell you to pay for the tax (3%) which is completely unreal and all the money will be down the drain.

    • Hey
      i am also in the process of opening an account with them.
      Did u put money into MT5 or directly into their account?
      What was the person’s name who you were in touch with ?

  2. This broker is definitely a SCAMMER. I was recommended by someone who works at Heng Xing Assets Limited in Hong Kong to do gold futures trading on I registered an account and deposited $25000 to my account. Two month late the customer service contacted me and said that the company has changed the trading policy, all customers have to upgrade to at least standard account (deposit amount between $25000 and $100000) to continue to trade and eligible to withdraw money. So I deposited $25000 more to my account. When I requested to withdrew part of money from my account the company rejected my withdraw and said “If you want to take your money you have to request to withdraw all the money”. I resubmitted a request to take all the money then the company said that I have to pay 5% oversea transfer handling fee first and the fee can not deducted from the withdraw. I asked them why? They said the money has been reported to Hong Kong Monetary Authority so it has to transfer over the exact amount to my account. I really do not have a confidence I can get the money back even I pay the handling fee. I am going to report to CFTC, BBB ( and Securities and Futures Commission (Hong Kong). If you were deceived by this broker I hope that you report it to these organizations too.

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