Sucden Financial Review

Sucden Financial

Sucden Financial

  • Leverage: 1:30

  • Regulation: FCA, NFA, SFC

  • Min. Deposit: 0 US$

  • HQ: UK

  • Platforms: API Solutions, STAR, TT, CQG, Patsystems, smartTrade, Integral, Currenex

  • Found in: 1973

Sucden Financial Licenses

  • Sucden Financial Limited - authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 114239
  • Sucden Financial (HK) Limited - authorized by SFC (Hong Kong)
  • Sucden Futures Inc. - authorized by NFA (USA)

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  1. Sucden Financial Pros and Cons
  2. Is Sucden Financial safe or a scam?
  3. Leverage
  4. Trading Fees
  5. Spread
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals
  7. Trading Platforms
  8. Conclusion

What is Sucden Financial?

Sucden Financial is an institutional non-bank FX trading provider and a firm that operated over 30 years in the finance industry while being based in London. However, Sucden Financial by its strong standing and expertise in derivatives trading maintains global offering while serving subsidiaries in Russia, Hong Kong and the USA therefore, bringing cross border regulated solutions.

Nevertheless, due to its nature of investment Sucden Financial do not offer personal trading accounts and maintains its e-trading solutions through a variety of electronic and clearing execution tailored to individual requirements. These including non-bank FX Prime Brokerage, Institutional eFX Liquidity, FX Options and Deliverable FX.

Sucden Financial Pros and Cons

Sucden Financial is a reliable ECN broker, providing integrity and reliability among its access to numerous trading instruments and truly comprehensive proposals covering almost any demand within trading and investment technology.

For negative side, the proposal is designed for experienced traders, institutions and professionals, there is no education.

Sucden Financial - official website

10 Points Summary
🏢 HeadquartersUK
🗺️ RegulationFCA, NFA, SFC
📉 Instruments Forex, Precious metals, Equities, Bullion and Futures, Commodities
🖥 PlatformsAPI Solutions, STAR, TT, CQG, Patsystems, smartTrade, Integral, Currenex
💰 EUR/USD SpreadTight spread depending on the platform
💳 Minimum deposit0$
🎮 Demo AccountProvided
💰 Base currenciesEUR, USD, GBP
📚 EducationLearning materials, webinars
☎ Customer Support24/5

Is Sucden Financial safe or a scam

No, Sucden Financial is not a scam, when choosing a broker you should always check on its regulatory status in simple words defining if a broker is trustable or not. Serious and reliable brokers should be overseen by the industry authority preferable through a respected jurisdiction that maintains sharp conditions to be licensed.

Luckily, Sucden Financial is a regulated broker which is not only established back in 1973 and proved its reliability over long years of operation but is also a fully authorized firm by the UK’s FCA. Financial Conduct Authority is a well-respected regulatory with strong control over its licensed firms that bring integrity among offering and protecting clients at any event.

In addition, Sucden Financial entities in the US and Hong Kong are also respectively authorized and regulated by the NFA and SFC accordingly, providing legal investment in each jurisdiction.

Sucden Financial license

Besides, Sucden Financial main regulator FCA set international standard laws to be obliged which also allows cross-border offerings among the EEA zone and further.

Stating short, being a UK-regulated broker Sucden Financial set its operation with respect to the clients, thus follows strict rules of money operation, segregation and withholds measures towards a healthy and reliable trading environment.

In case Sucden Financial or any other firm regulated by FCA violates one of the laws, FCA immediately takes measures resulting in even withdrawing of license and ban of its operation, which never happens with offshore or unregulated firms, whenever alluring its trading opportunity is.

Trading Instruments

In addition, along Sucden Financial Review it occurred that it is a dealing member of the London Metal Exchange LME that also has access to global exchanges, as a result, brings direct access to worldwide markets.

Therefore, broad access to a number of instruments including exchange, OTC and other derivatives including Forex, Precious metals, Equities, Bullion and Futures.

Also, these include sugar, coffee, cocoa, ethanol, ocean freight while the organization is also active in agriculture and sourcing, processing, logistics, distribution, merchandising, financing, research and risk management.

Sucden Financial global trading


  • Recalling the Sucden Financial Review and important tool in trading leverage it is set to a higher rate of up to 1:100 for some Forex instruments and lower for other assets due to the nature of Sucden Financial offering.

This leverage level, considered to be high and accessible only for professionals which is also permitted by the regulatory restrictions.

Nevertheless, due to global entities, Sucden Financial serves the maximum leverage that may differ from the jurisdiction to another, again due to authority rules.

What are Sucden Financial Fees?

Sucden Financial offers flexible fees either based on commission or spread, depending on the tailored solution you would require. Due to its financial strength and its direct banking relationships, the broker ensures superior FX liquidity aggregation from multiple market participants and therefore making 100% tailored solutions for its clients.

FeesSucden Financial FeesDukascopy FeesBP Prime Fees
Deposit FeeNoNoNo
Withdrawal FeeNoNoNo
Commission based feeYesYesYes
Fee RankingLowLowAverage

Sucden Financial trading solution


The result of direct access to markets, as well as a strong position within the financial relationship Sucden Financial deep liquidity mainstays at tight pricing offering also a lowest spread based on interbank offering and charges commission for its service. These include tight spread for same-day, next-day, spot and forward contracts on an extensive range of currencies, futures, options, commodities and all the range of instruments.

For instance you may compare fees to another popular broker BlackBull Markets.

What Deposit and Withdrawal methods Sucden Financial use?

As for the deposit and withdrawal to and from the trading account, Sucden Financial mainly uses Bank Wire Transfers due to its efficiency and the best control over transfers. Yet, within a jurisdiction or another broker may consider other options for its customers’ confidence.

Sucden Financial minimum deposit

There is no minimum deposit requirement, again due to a tailored solutions Sucden Financial provides.

Sucden Financial minimum deposit vs other brokers

Sucden Financial Most Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $0 $500

Sucden Financial withdrawal fee

Sucden Financial typically does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees, nevertheless, it is always better to verify information with the payment provider. Some jurisdictions may charge additional processing fees or even does not offer particular payment methods, which is better to check with Sucden Financial customer service.

Sucden Financial money transfer

Trading Platforms

And so for the e-Trading solutions, Sucden Financial truly offers comprehensive possibility to maintain powerful trading. As together with its electronic execution and clearing, all clients are served throughout individual requirements also with support of the Sucden Financial LME Floor team and voice brokerage possibility to almost all global markets.

Looking over trading software and solutions, Sucden Includes access to the various instruments by the most appropriate technology including API Solutions, STAR, TT, CQG, Patsystems, smartTrade, Integral and Currenex platform.

See the detailed table below defining the instrument and appropriate platform to be used, which is also may be fully integrated into industry leading MetaTrader4, cTrader, FXCubic, Panda, etc.

Sucden Financial overview

There is no need to overview each of the technology or software, as each provides designed access to trading either for while label option or for retail broker clients, making each a specified choice according to the necessary needs.

Also, each and every platform is a better option for a particular instrument, thus Integral is a truly great trading system for FX and precious metals available with algorithmic functionality and access to OCX.

Sucden Financial platform


Overall, within Sucden Financial Review we revealed a company that stands on a strong background, a great history of operation and a quite competitive offering for trading. Yet, Sucden Financial is a choice for institutions and professionals, as a broker does not offer individual accounts so if you are a retail trader better check our list of Regulated Forex Brokers. Being an ECN broker, the company stands for integrity and reliability among its access to numerous trading instruments and truly comprehensive proposals covering almost any demand within trading and investment technology.

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