Sucden Financial Review

Sucden Financial

Sucden Financial

  • Leverage: 1:30 | 1:100

  • Regulation: FCA, NFA, SFC

  • Min. Deposit: No minimum deposit

  • HQ: UK

  • Platforms: API Solutions, STAR, TT, CQG, Patsystems, smartTrade, Integral, Currenex

  • Found in: 1973

Sucden Financial Licenses:

  • Sucden Financial Limited - authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 114239
  • Sucden Futures Inc. - authorized by NFA (USA)
  • Sucden Financial (HK) Limited - authorized by SFC (Hong Kong)

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  1. Sucden Financial Pros and Cons
  2. Is Sucden Financial Safe or a Scam?
  3. Leverage
  4. Trading Fees
  5. Spread
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals
  7. Trading Platforms
  8. Conclusion

Our Review Method

  • 55Brokers Financial Experts with over 10 years of experience in Forex Trading check all trading offerings, regulations and licenses, fees, spreads, platforms, customer service, and placed traders to see trading conditions and give expert opinions about Sucden Financial.

What is Sucden Financial?

Sucden Financial is an institutional non-bank Forex trading provider and a firm that operated for over 50 years in the finance industry while being based in London. The broker’s services cater to financial institutions, corporates, and brokers, providing access to a wide range of trading options such as Forex, Metals, Energies, Softs, Agricultures, Futures, Options, and more.

We found that with its expertise in derivatives trading and a strong reputation, Sucden Financial extends its global reach by operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the USA, and Russia. This allows the firm to offer regulated solutions across borders.

However, due to the nature of the investment, the broker does not offer personal trading accounts and maintains its e-trading solutions through a variety of electronic and clearing execution tailored to individual requirements. These include non-bank FX Prime Brokerage, Institutional eFX Liquidity, FX Options, and Deliverable FX.

Sucden Financial Pros and Cons

Based on our research, Sucden Financial is a reliable ECN broker, providing integrity and reliability through its access to numerous trading instruments and truly comprehensive proposals.

For the cons, the proposal targets experienced traders, institutions, and professionals, indicating that it may not be suitable for beginners. Additionally, there is no educational section available on Sucden Financial’s website, and no 24/7 customer support.

FCA regulation and overseeNo 24/7 customer support
International tradingLimited educational materials
US license and overseeTrading conditions might vary based on the entity
ECN execution
No minimum deposit amount
Institutional trading

Sucden Financial Review Official Website

Sucden Financial Review Summary in 10 Points
🏢 HeadquartersUK
🗺️ RegulationFCA, NFA, SFC
📉 Instruments Forex, Precious metals, Equities, Bullion and Futures, Commodities
🖥 PlatformsAPI Solutions, STAR, TT, CQG, Patsystems, smartTrade, Integral, Currenex
💰 EUR/USD Spread1 pip
💳 Minimum deposit$0
🎮 Demo AccountProvided
💰 Base currenciesEUR, USD, GBP
📚 EducationLimited
☎ Customer Support24/5

Overall Sucden Financial Ranking

According to our findings, we have a positive ranking for the broker due to its regulatory compliance, diverse selection of trading products, reliable and secure trading platforms, and competitive pricing for corporate trading services.

  • Sucden Financial Overall Ranking is 8.9 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to over 500 brokers, see Our Ranking below compared to other industry Leading Brokers.
RankingSucden FinancialHouse of BorseCPT Markets UK
Our Ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AdvantagesTrading InstrumentsTrading ServicesTrading Conditions

Sucden Financial Alternative Brokers

If you are seeking alternative brokers to Sucden Financial, you should take into account several factors, including trading features, regulatory adherence, fees, market availability, customer support, and user feedback. As a result, we have conducted an analysis and curated a list of potential broker alternatives for your consideration:

Is Sucden Financial Safe or Scam?

No, Sucden Financial is not a scam.

When choosing a broker you should always check on its regulatory status in simple words defining if a broker is trustable or not. Serious and reliable brokers should be overseen by the industry authority preferably through a respected jurisdiction that maintains sharp conditions to be licensed.

Luckily, Sucden Financial is a regulated broker which is not only established back in 1973 and proved its reliability over long years of operation but is also a fully authorized firm by the UK’s FCA. FCA is a well-respected regulatory with strong control over its licensed firms that bring integrity to offering and protecting clients at any event.

Is Sucden Financial?

Yes, Sucden Financial is a legit and regulated broker.

Additionally, Sucden Financial entities in the US and Hong Kong are also respectively authorized and regulated by the NFA and SFC accordingly, providing legal investment in each jurisdiction.

See our conclusion on Sucden Financial Reliability:

  • Our Ranked Sucden Financial Trust Score is 8.7 out 0f 10 for the good reputation and services provided, also having the FCA license is a significant advantage for the company.
Sucden Financial Strong PointsSucden Financial Weak Points
Tier 1 Bank aggregatorNone
Funds protection
Segregated accounts
Risk management tools

Client Trading Protection

Being a UK-regulated broker, Sucden Financial set its operation with respect to the clients, thus following strict rules of money operation, segregation, and withholding measures towards a healthy and reliable trading environment.

In case Sucden Financial or any other firm regulated by FCA violates one of the laws, FCA immediately takes measures resulting in even withdrawal of license and ban of its operation, which never happens with offshore or unregulated firms, whenever alluring its trading opportunity is.

Sucden Financial Review License


Leverage is a useful tool for traders with limited capital, enabling them to participate in the market. However, you should be aware that leverage carries the risk of significant gains or losses. Therefore, it is crucial to have a thorough comprehension of its functioning and the potential consequences before engaging in any leveraged trading activities.

Sucden Financial leverage is offered according to FCA, NFA, and SFC regulations:

  • UK traders are eligible to use low leverage up to 1:30 for major currency pairs and 1:10 for Commodities. 
  • Traders from US entities can use maximum leverage of 1:50 for major currency pairs.
  • Hong Kong entity clients can use leverage up to 1:100 for some Forex instruments and lower for other assets.

Account Types

According to our findings, Sucden Financial offers a single account type that provides clients with direct electronic access to global markets.

Additionally, new traders can choose a Demo account for free, allowing them to practice trading and make trial trades to test the strategies.

Fast account openingAccount conditions may vary according to regulation
No minimum deposit amount
Various account base currencies

Opening Sucden Financial Trading Account

Opening an account with a broker is considered quite an easy process, as you can log in and register with Sucden Financial within minutes. Just follow the opening account or sign-in page and proceed with the guided steps:

  • Select and Click on the “Open an Account” page
  • Enter the required personal data (Name, email, phone number, etc.)
  • Verify your personal data by upload of documentation (residential proof, ID, etc.)
  • Complete the electronic quiz confirming your trading experience
  • Once your account is activated and proven, follow with the money deposit.

Trading Instruments

Per our analysis, as a dealing member of the London Metal Exchange LME, the broker also has access to global exchanges, as a result, brings direct access to worldwide markets.

Therefore, broad access to a number of instruments including exchange, OTC, and other derivatives like Forex, Precious metals, Equities, Bullion, Futures, and more.

Also, these include sugar, coffee, cocoa, ethanol, and ocean freight while the organization is also active in agriculture and sourcing, processing, logistics, distribution, merchandising, financing, research, and risk management.

  • Sucden Financial Markets Range Score is 8.9 out of 10 for wide trading instrument selection. However, the financial instruments availability is different based on entity rules.

Sucden Financial Review Trading Instruments

Sucden Financial Fees

The broker offers flexible fees either based on commission or spread, depending on the tailored solution you would require. Due to its financial strength and its direct banking relationships, Sucden Financial ensures superior FX liquidity aggregation from multiple market participants and therefore makes 100% tailored solutions for its clients.

  • Sucden Financial Fees are ranked average with an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to over 500 other brokers.

FeesSucden Financial FeesHouse of Borse FeesCPT Markets UK Fees
Deposit feeNoNoNo
Withdrawal feeNoNoNo
Inactivity feeYesNoNo
Fee rankingLow/AverageAverageLow/Average


Based on our test trade, the broker provides competitive pricing with tight and floating spreads, which are based on interbank offerings. The average spread for the widely-traded EUR/USD currency pair in the Forex market is approximately 1 pip.

However, trading conditions, including spreads, may differ depending on the specific entity. Therefore, gain a clear understanding of the spread conditions offered by the brokerage firm and their relevance to individual trading strategies.

  • Sucden Financial Spreads are ranked average with an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10 based on our testing comparison to other brokers. We found Forex spread slightly lower than the industry average of 1.2 pips and spreads for other instruments are competitive too.

Asset/ PairSucden Financial SpreadHouse of Borse SpreadCPT Markets UK Spread
EUR USD Spread1 pip0.3 pips1.8 pips
Crude Oil WTI Spread34.25
Gold Spread11.540

Deposits and Withdrawals

We found that Sucden Financial mainly uses Bank Wire Transfers due to its efficiency and the best control over transfers. However, certain funding methods may have specific requirements or restrictions based on the client’s bank or other financial institutions involved.

  • Sucden Financial Funding Methods we ranked good with an overall rating of 7 out of 10. Fees are low, and also you can benefit from various account-based currencies.

Here are some good and negative points for Sucden Financial funding methods found:

Sucden Financial AdvantageSucden Financial Disadvantage
Fast digital depositsPayment methods vary based on the entity
Multiple account base currencies

Sucden Financial Minimum Deposit

The broker offers attractive options by not imposing a minimum deposit requirement for opening an account. This feature allows traders to start trading on Sucden Financial with any amount of funds they choose.

Sucden Financial minimum deposit vs other brokers

Sucden Financial Most Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $0 $500

Sucden Financial Withdrawals

The broker typically does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees, however, it is always better to verify information with the payment provider. Some jurisdictions may charge additional processing fees or even do not offer particular payment methods, which is better to check with Sucden Financial customer service.

Withdraw Money from Sucden Financial Step by Step:

To initiate a withdrawal fund from your trading account, the brokerage firm provides a set of typical steps that can be followed:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select Withdraw Funds’ in the menu tab
  3. Enter the withdrawn amount
  4. Choose the withdrawal method
  5. Complete the electronic request with necessary requirements
  6. Confirm withdrawal information and Submit
  7. Check the current status of withdrawal through your Dashboard

Sucden Financial Review Funding Method

Trading Platforms

Looking over trading software and solutions, Sucden provides access to the various instruments and platforms including API Solutions, STAR, TT, CQG, Patsystems, smartTrade, Integral, and Currenex platform.

  • Sucden Financial Platform is ranked good with an overall rating of 8 out of 10 compared to over 500 other brokers. We mark it as good since it offers appropriate technology solutions to its clients.
PlatformsSucden Financial PlatformsHouse of Borse PlatformsCPT Markets UK Platforms
Own PlatformNoNoNo
Mobile AppsYesYesYes

Trading Tools

The broker presents a comprehensive selection of trading tools, including advanced charting features, a customizable and user-friendly interface, multiple order types, an integrated option calculator, a dynamic spreading synthetic strategy creator, and a variety of beneficial features to enrich the trading experience.

Sucden Financial Review Trading Platforms

Customer Support

Broker’s customer support is available 24/5 through Email, Phone, and Social Media. Also, the support team includes trading specialists who can assist with technical support, analysis recommendations, general inquiries, and operational issues.

  • Customer Support in Sucden Financial is ranked good with an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10 based on our testing. The support team was responsive during working days, ensuring efficient assistance.

See our find and ranking on Customer Service Quality:

Phone lines, email, social media channelsNo 24/7 customer support and live chat
Quick response and relevant answers

Sucden Financial Education

In the end, we found that the broker does not have a dedicated education section on its website, except for Market Insights and News. However, considering that the broker primarily caters to institutional trading, the absence of a learning section may not be considered a disadvantage.

  • Sucden Financial Education ranked with an overall rating of 7 out of 10 based on our research. We recommend obtaining educational resources from other brokers.

Sucden Financial EducationSucden Financial Review Education

Sucden Financial Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Sucden Financial offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to the needs of institutional and corporate traders. With direct electronic access to global markets, tight spreads, and strong financial standing, the broker provides competitive trading conditions.

Being an ECN broker, the company stands for reliability through its access to numerous trading instruments and truly comprehensive proposals within trading and investment technology.

While the broker offers secure and competitive trading conditions, we recommend conducting your research to ensure it suits your specific trading needs. Traders need to evaluate the broker’s regulations, fees, spreads, and customer reviews before making a decision.

Based on Our findings and Financial Expert Opinions Sucden Financial is Good for:

  • Traders from the UK
  • Professional traders
  • Institutional trading
  • US clients
  • Currency trading
  • Traders from Hong Kong
  • ECN/DMA execution
  • Access to futures trading
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good trading tools

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