Interactive Brokers Launches New Tools to Enhance Trading Experience for Retail Traders

January 7, 2024 at 11:27 PM

Interactive Brokers, a leading player in electronic trading, has announced the introduction of the Tax Loss Harvest (TLH) tool for its retail traders. This innovative feature aims to simplify the process of realizing tax benefits from both long- and short-term capital losses.

The TLH tool is seamlessly integrated into the trading platform. To activate it, traders need to right-click on a position and select ‘Tax Loss Harvest.’ For those interested in Multi-Stock harvesting, it’s accessible through the Classic Layout of the TWS (Trader Workstation) platform. Simply navigate to the Portfolio page and click on ‘Tax Loss Harvesting’ located at the top right corner. It’s important to note that Multi-Stock TLH is currently only available in the Beta version of TWS.

Furthermore, Interactive Brokers has introduced the Feature Suggestion tool within the TWS platform. This tool allows users to directly communicate their desired features to the developers and vote on suggestions made by other users. Accessing this tool is straightforward; users can click on the Feedback icon in the TWS title bar and select “I have a suggestion.”

In a move to enhance futures trading, the brokerage has also streamlined the process of rolling a futures position. This typically complex procedure, which involves closing one position and opening a new one in the same contract with a more distant expiration date, has been simplified into an easy-to-follow flow using the new Futures Roll feature.

These new tools and features reflect Interactive Brokers’ commitment to providing its users with a more efficient and user-friendly trading experience. By continually evolving its platform and incorporating feedback from its community, Interactive Brokers is setting a new standard in the world of electronic trading for retail investors.

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