Is Forex Optimum Scam or Legit Broker?

We advise our readers, not to use Forex Optimum as it is an offshore entity. Forex Optimum is owned by Forex Optimum Group Limited, which is an offshore company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadine. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is notorious for its practically absent requirements and regulations. Due to the setup low cost, it does not regulate forex trading. Therefore, it became an offshore zone for shady forex brokers such as Brokerz, TraderUR, and more. You can read our detailed article about the risk of trading with brokers from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

About Forex Optimum
🗺️ Registered inSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
🗺️ Type of LicenseOffshore License
🛡️ Is Forex Optimum safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is Forex Optimum?

Forex Optimum is an international investment company that was established back in 2009, mainly operating in Russia, CIS, and the Asian region while totally covering 26 countries. Behind the brand stands a registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Forex Optimum Group Limited company, which is also one of the easiest locations in terms of investment firms procedures. It means, that the registration requirements are very liberal, as well as do not require any international license from the Forex industry watchdogs, therefore there is a high risk how exactly the company maintains its financial service providing.

  • Generally, Forex Optimum delivers technological conditions to trade vast instruments through STP execution, while claiming its operation over 3 million clients from all over the world. The company offers attractive trading conditions, as well as bonuses that reward clients that are quite delightful. However, there were some complaints from the traders throughout the trading, while traders faced cuts of profits or issues with withdrawals, but overall the service seems to be not the worst case.

Forex Optimum Review

Forex Optimum Review Conclusion

Even though there are no official warnings to the clients from the international authorities that oversee the industry or serious cases of evidence about Forex Optimum operation, we do not generally recommend to invest with an offshore or unlicensed company. Since the trading itself involves risks, it is a much more significant risk to trade with a non-regulated company that operates not set to the strictest standards. It is much safer and smarter to choose among reputable FCA or other leading jurisdictions brokers that maintain necessary safety measures, our list of regulated brokers will assist in choosing the best-suited one.

Forex Optimum Update

We found the Forex Optimum website inactive and unavailable to reach. This means the broker no longer operates. However, it is best to avoid and stay alert in case any proposals show up.

No news available.

13 responses to “Forex Optimum”

  1. So I decided to write an own review. I registered just 2 month ago. I started slowly and I walked forward with small steps. There were different situations, I had both falls and profits. Today I was lucky I earned 100 bucks in 1 hour on bitcoin. Fast but very nice !!!!!!!!!! I recommend to everyone! Great!!!! Withdrawn my profit very quickly, I’m shocked !!! I stay here !!

  2. I made sure that Forex Optimum is one of the brokers with a low spread – the average size for EURUSD is 0.3 pips; I am grateful to you for the cashback service, you can make a profit by creating a trade turnover. The working conditions are suitable even for beginners.Almost all my deals are successful. I stay to work here and see what happens next.

  3. I have been trading with Forex Optimum broker for almost 2 months. I have no technical problems during trading, I deposited money and transferred it between my accounts. For me, it’s fast and reliable here. The staff of the company is polite and adequate. I recommend a broker for active intraday trading. I can say , the technical support is definitely best.

  4. I always trade in gold through Forex Optimum, but the growth of bitcoin made me switch. Bitcoin has jumped to its highest level in six weeks. According to some analysts, the focus is now on bitcoin versus gold. And cryptocurrencies will soon replace the yellow metal – Bitcoin is now called digital gold. I have read a lot of good reviews about cryptocurrency trading, so if you work smartly and in the long term, you can make good profits. I trade according to my strategy. If the price is lower than yesterday’s price – I buy, if it is higher than yesterday’s price – I sell or I wait. I have already experienced with gold, and now it’s time for bitcoin. We’ll see what happens next.

  5. I recently switched to Forex Optimum. At the moment, I am very satisfied with my work in this company and the platform in general. All support specialists have personal experiences in trading and investing. By the support service I have the correct answers to all my questions! I had a sad experience with a previous broker – it was just a nightmare. The answer to my question, and they are always urgent, I could get by talking to three or four employees – no one at all could figure out my situations, and if they found a specialist to solve the issue, it was luck !!! Without help, I could not work there and I advise you to choose a broker with working support. I feel comfortable here.

  6. I was very interested in this topic. I am also planning to start making money with professional traders. So far, I decided to study and accumulate my money. By the end of this year i plan to start trading. I have already been recommended a good trader, but I plan to start with a demo account because I want to try trading by myself, to understand the topic. If anyone knows any sensible forum or a site that is good for beginners, write to me. Thanks.

  7. The broker has excellent technical support. I constantly had glitches, the terminal crashed and all my personal information flew with it. This is where the broker’s support was manifested. They helped me. Everything was dictated to me clearly and step by step, and I myself was able to figure it out. Thank you very much for helping me to install everything back and in a short time. Compared to other brokers, the service here is cool for me and nothing threatens my work.

  8. I don’t know who makes money on what, but I like bitcoin. My work in Forex brings only pleasant emotions. At first I watched bitcoin, and now I decided to work with it. Bitcoin was recently $ 48,000 and then dropped to $ 43,900. Now bitcoin has already risen to $ 47,000 and so it jumps all the time. 5 weeks already I have been watching these Bitcoin jumps. This is what interests me. The main thing is to place stops and control orders.

  9. Forex Optimum has a good site. I am glad there is nothing superfluous and I can find there everything I need. I registered and decided to check their support. I wrote a few questions in their chat, they answered me quickly. The personal account is excellent, it has everything you need. Terminal MT4. I am currently working on Brent crude. I earned a little profit, put it on the withdrawal of profit in 6 days. The manager immediately called me, I confirmed the conclusion. With the manager, we decided not to withdraw everything, leave a little to accelerate your deposit. The money came, I have no complaints against the broker. I continue to work here.

  10. Here you can check the platform with the Forex Optimum broker from $ 10. This is very convenient for new clients and for testing the platform in general. I work here on MT4, there is a large selection of tools, but cryptocurrencies are important to me, I work with them. There are also good bonus programs for different groups. I also use analytics here: video reviews, news, calendar. I have been working with my manager since the beginning of my registration six months ago. Here you can not be afraid to start working, because here support always helps.

  11. Here I have been working on scalping for more than one month and I can say for sure that you can trust Forex Optimum. Low spreads suit me here, which is very important for my strategy and allows me to profitably speculate during the day. Good support, they are available 24/7 and always promptly resolve all issues. It is also important that here all deals are now closed and opened with the correct quotes and the money is withdrawn on time.

  12. The main thing here for me is that the execution of deals on majors is well, so I trade only them for now. As for me trade conditions are normal. In general, I do not like to take risks at all, so I prefer to trade calmly and wisely. I use analytics and forecasts. I definitely use riskmanagement, and I have understood that a little profit is always better than loss. I hate high risks because it is a direction of losing everything. I tried to transfer my profit to card and withdrawn $ 400 for now. I was advised not to withdraw large amounts of profit because it could take a long time. Of course, I also want to earn a lot at once, but as I said this is very dangerous. But anything can happen, if the euro dollar goes up according to my calculations, then maybe I will earn a bigger amount too.I would like to praise the support here, the guys react quickly and speak to you in human language without official slang. If I knock to them with a problem, I know, they will help me in time. But there are disadvantages too. For example I would like to be offered more profitable bonus programs here, they gave me a bonus when registering, but I want bonuses constantly at least once a month as a loyal customer. I hope the company hears me about it.

  13. I do not regret my choice of a broker. We have been working with Forex Optimum for a few months and we have come throuhg different situations together. On the site there are several communication channels for questions to be resolved, you can call and write here, they will always answer and help you. Once I had questions about transactions and the technical support explained everything to me in details and I managed to figure it out and solved it myself without problems. In addition, what I can say that the withdrawal speed has improved to date, and everything comes on time, there were often delays before, it’s good that you fixed that. Not a bad informative site which always has a lot of relevant and useful information for me. There is much to read and apply in my work, for example, every day I start my work with news and forecasts.

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