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  1. What is Ethereum Trading App?
  2. Best Ethereum Trading App Brokers
  3. How to Start Trading Ethereum?
  4. Are Forex Brokers Trading Ethereum as CFDs?
  5. Ethereum Forex Brokers List

What is Ethereum Trading Broker App?

Ethereum trading app allows trading Ether (ETH) – one of the most popular cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin and other Cryptos as offered by the Broker you use.

  • Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin, still in 2013. However, it went live two years later, in 2015. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source platform that is powered by blockchain technology. This is a new approach, with a new platform and a more straightforward script language.
  • Ethereum can be traded either by direct exchange or on a CFD basis where traders speculated on the price movement without owning the underlying assets.
  • Note that most Forex Brokers offer mainly Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Read more about Etherium on the Wikipedia Page.

💰 SpreadAverage Ethereum Spread ranges 6-10$
📈 LeverageYes / Depends on the App
📉PositionsSell and Buy

How to Use Ethereum Trading App?

Ethereum Trading Apps are trading platforms designed for Android or iOS operation systems offered by brokers. To trade Ethereum first you need to make sure the broker has Ethereum in its offering so the platform used by the broker is optimized for the trading of Ethereum.

Have a look at our notes as well as the pros and cons of Ethereum trading Apps:

  • After Bitcoin, Ether acquired the second solid position in the market. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are traded either as CFDs or on a Crypto exchange. The latter requires the opening of crypto wallets and trading on Crypto Exchanges (like Binance or Coinbase).
  • Most of Ethereum Apps are offered indeed by Forex brokers so is solely a speculation of the instrument price change on CFD on Ethereum
  • Based on the jurisdiction there are some restrictions might be imposed even on CFDs on Crypto and Ether, alike there is full ban on CFDs in US and Ban for Retail Trading on Cryptocurrencies for UK Traders or Brokers.
  • Ethereum stands out for the deployment of decentralized applications onto it, enabling user interaction. Also, it enables the creation and exchange of NFTs.
  • Ethereum enables users to build a “decentralized application” (a new type of software) that is not controlled by a central system or a person.
  • Since Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile and complex asset that might be daunting to trade, many scam brokers will try to manipulate beginners which can result in traders’ capital loss. Hence, we highly recommend checking the broker’s reliability and regulation before making any trading decision. 
Ethereum Trading App AdvantagesEthereum Trading App Disadvantages
Majority of Forex brokers offering Ethereum on CFD basisReal Trading of Ethereum on Crypto Exchange is harder process
Crypto CFDs allow to trade with small deposit and offer easier speculation process Regulatory restriction in many jurisdictions
Independence from a central authorityNot Suitable for Beginners
24/7 market accessHigher Risks
High return potentialHigher Volatility
High LiquidityRequries time and experience
A fast way to transfer funds

Top 5 Best Brokers with Ethereum Trading App

When it comes to choosing an Ethereum trading app, you should consider that each Broker App is different and the choice depends on your preferences. The majority or even all Forex Brokers offer Crypto trading on a CFD basis, meaning you only speculate on price movement without owning Ether itself, for real trade of Ethereum you have to hold a Crypto wallet and trade it on Crypto Exchange only.

So for Trading Ethereum via Forex Brokers, here is our best-recommended selection with high scores of trust and good conditions overall:

  • HFM – Best Overall Ethereum Trading App 2024
  • BlackBull Markets – Best Ethereum Trading App for Beginners 2024
  • FP Markets – Best Low Spreads Ethereum Trading App 2024
  • Eightcap – Best MT4 Ethereum Trading App 2024
  • BDSwiss – Best Ethereum EAs Trading App 2024

How to Start Trading Ethereum?

The first step to starting Ethereum Trading is to find a good app or platform suitable for your need. While choosing Forex broker it offer easier way to only speculate on Ether price via CFDs, then you need to open account, make a deposit and then start trade Ethereum or other desired instruments. In otherwise Trading of Real Ethereum you need to register on CryptoExchange like Binance.

Are Forex Brokers Trading Ethereum as CFDs?

Short answer is – yes, Forex brokers Trading Ethereum as CFds, which allows easy trading with smaller investment size due to leverage. The majority of Forex Brokers offer trading of popular Cryptocurrencies including Ethereum as CFDs like FP Markets, and IC Markets.

Are There Fees for Trading Ethereum?

Fees and commissions for Ether depend on each broker’s offering. Typically Forex Brokers’ fees are either built into spreads or offer 0 pip trading with commissions per trade charged. 

Ethereum Forex Brokers List

This is our full Ethereum forex brokers list allowing trade Cryptos mainly on CFD Basis:

Broker Detail
Alvexo Review Alvexo
Min. Deposit: 500 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:30
Trading Platforms: Alvexo WebTrader, MT4
Regulation: FSA, CySEC
Alvexo Review
CornerTrader Review CornerTrader
Min. Deposit: $2,000
Max. Leverage: 1:200
Trading Platforms: CornerTrader Platform
Regulation: FINMA
CornerTrader Review
Swissquote Review Swissquote
Min. Deposit: $1,000
Max. Leverage: 1:100 | 1:30
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, eTrader, Swiss DOTS
Swissquote Review
Dukascopy Review Dukascopy
Min. Deposit: $1,000
Max. Leverage: 1:30
Trading Platforms: JForex, MT4, Binary Trader
Dukascopy Review
Scope Markets
Min. Deposit: $50
Max. Leverage: 1:30 | 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Regulation: CySEC, IFSC
Scope Markets Review
Skilling logo Skilling
Min. Deposit: US$100
Max. Leverage: 1:30 | 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, cTrader, Skilling Trader
Regulation: CySEC, FSA
Skilling Review