Bitcoin Brokers

  1. Who are Bitcoin Brokers?
  2. Best Bitcoin Brokers
  3. How to trade Bitcoin?
  4. What Brokers Trade Bitcoin?
  5. Which Brokers are offering Bitcoin Futures?
  6. Bitcoin Trading Brokers List

Who are Bitcoin Brokers?

Bitcoin Brokers offer trading of a Bitcoin () the first Cryptocurrency invented back in 2008 and is a decentralized digital currency, eventually an open-source software based on blockchain technology.

  • Being the first fully digital currency Bitcoin is a reward for a process known as mining while further it can be used like money, meaning to be exchanged for other currencies, products, or services. Moreover, Bitcoin transactions are done without intermediator parties like banks or individuals, allowing fast transfers with no fees.

Read more about Bitcoin via Wikipedia.

💰 SpreadAverage USD Bitcoin 0.6-0.9% (45 pips)
📈 LeverageYes
📉 PositionsSell and Buy
🏦 Contract sizeMicro Lot, Standard Lot (Depending on the broker)

What is Bitcoin Trading Platform?

Platform to trade Bitcoin is a Platform provided by the Broker offering the opportunity to trade Bitcoin in its instrument range.. See some of our important finds and notes to consider before signing up for Bitcoin Trading:

  • If you wish to trade Bitcoin there are two options: Trade Real Bitcoin through the Cryptocurrency Exchange (like Coinbase, Kraken or Binance), where you need to create a Crypto wallet and purchase Bitcoin itself, so then it can be traded. Or, considering its very high price, which is not affordable for many traders now there is an easier option Trade CFD Bitcoin through a Broker offering this opportunity, where CFD Bitcoin can buy or sell the direction of the Bitcoin price without ownership of the Bitcoin itself, also depositing or withdrawing in USD or other currency on your trading account.
  • Bitcoin is one of the most volatile instruments with rapid changes of price and is highly capitalized instrument with high potential and promise of returns Bitcoin trading is available 7 days a week with no weekends, which since its beginning reached high records up to around 70,000$ per Bitcoin.
  • Many regulators and financial authorities warn investors about the trading of Bitcoin and alert the public about its use, Bitcoin continues to be a lucrative trading instrument and investment with high demand and very high volatility. Alike recently UK bans Crypto trading for Retail Traders. So we recommend learning more information via the regulatory website CFTC about Bitcoin and educating yourself on how to trade under high volatility conditions using smart risk management. ASIC guidance Cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Trading AdvantagesBitcoin Trading Disadvantage
Accessibility and liquidityVery high Price volatility and lack of inherent value
User anonymity and transparencyRegulatory restriction in many jurisdictions
Independence from a central authorityNot suitable for Beginners
High return potential
24/7 market access

Top 5 Best Brokers for Bitcoin Trading

Below you will find our selected listing of the Best Reviewed Brokers with a good record and Bitcoin trading opportunities mainly offered on a CFDs basis among other Cryptocurrencies also with some narrowed ranking criteria.

  • HFM– Best Overall Bitcoin Broker 2024
  • BlackBull Markets – Best Low-Spread Bitcoin Broker 2024
  • FP Markets – Best MT4 Bitcoin Broker 2024
  • Eightcap  – Best Bitcoin Broker for Beginners 2024
  • BDSwiss – Best EA Bitcoin Trading Broker 2024

How to Trade Bitcoin?

You can register your Crypto Wallet and Trade Bitcoin directly via Crypto exchange or trade simplified way via Bitcoin CFDs which is more affordable since traders can invest any amount willing to trade and benefit from Bitcoin fluctuations itself without ownership of a Bitcoin.

What Brokers Trade Bitcoin?

The majority of Forex brokers now offer Crypto and Bitcoin Trading, however on a CFD basis, means you do not own an asset but speculate on its price movement itself, also it allows lower investment for trading and use of leverage.

Which Brokers are offering Bitcoin Futures?

There are not many Regular brokers offering Bitcoin Futures trading but mainly Bitcoin CFDs see Interactive Brokers Review. Mainly Bitcoin Futures are traded via Crypto Exchanges like Binance or ByBit also using margin and leverage trading, so check how to trade Bitcoin and reliable Brokers who offer Bitcoin.

The Complete List of Bitcoin Brokers

This is the complete list of reputable and regulated brokers that offer Online trading of Bitcoin on CFD basis that we reviewed and recommend for trading:

Broker Detail
Min. Deposit: 0 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:2000
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, HFM Trading App
Regulation: CySEC, FCA, DFSA, FSCA, FSA, CMA
HFM Review
BlackBull Markets logo BlackBull Markets
Min. Deposit: 0 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, BlackBull Trade, Trading View
Regulation: FMA, FSA
BlackBull Markets Review
FPM logo FP Markets
Min. Deposit: 100 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:30
Trading Platforms: IRESS, MT4, MT5, cTrader
Regulation: ASIC, CySEC, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, FSP, CMA
FP Markets Review
Min. Deposit: 100 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, TradingView
Regulation: ASIC, SCB, CySEC, FCA
Eightcap Review
BDSwiss Review BDSwiss
Min. Deposit: 10 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:400 | 1:2000
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, BDSwiss Webtrader, and BDSwiss Mobile App
Regulation: FSC, FSA, FSCA, MISA
BDSwiss Review
GO Markets
Min. Deposit: 0 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:30, 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, WebTrader
Regulation: ASIC, CySEC, FSC, FSA
GO Markets Review
Errante Review Logo Errante
Min. Deposit: $€50
Max. Leverage: 1:30 | 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader
Regulation: CySEC, FSA
Errante Review
Pepperstone Review Pepperstone
Min. Deposit: 200 US$
Max. Leverage: 1:30 to 1:400
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, TradingView
Pepperstone Review
Min. Deposit: No minimum deposit
Max. Leverage: 1:30 | 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4
Regulation: CySEC, SVG FSA
FXCC Review
Min. Deposit: $25
Max. Leverage: 1:30 | 1:500
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, Octatrader
Regulation: CySEC, SVGFSA, FSCA
Octa Review