CVC Capital Partners Asia Fund acquired retail trading platform OANDA

May 3, 2018 at 04:37 PM

Private capital firm CVC Capital Partners has acquired a retail FX broker OANDA, after partnering with Blackstone and acquisition of one of the online payments specialists Paysafe. No price or other financial terms of this deal were disclosed

OANDA was established in 1995 and is known as one of the global online trading platforms, analytics and currency data companies. OANDA’s remarkable technology, new products and execution across a broad range of assets, gives the opportunity to trade currencies, commodities, indices, metals and treasuries.

The most significant move of the company was launching its online foreign exchange trading platform ‘fx trade’ in 2001. This option enabled professional and retail clients to trade FX.

Even after becoming owned by the new ownership, the private investment group CVC Asia Fund IV, the company will still be led by its Chief Executive Officer, Vatsa Narasimha, who was the key person in the investment from CVC Asia Fund IV and played an important role in developing the business since 2015.

Acquisition of the OANDA company means the taking on the years of successful trading experience. The company has been the ultimate source of FX rates for leading global corporations such as Google, Samsung and Tesla.

In his comments about this deal Vatsa Narasimha said that he is excited by the change of the ownership and the further OANDA’s development. OANDA is a consumer-oriented company and those who manage it have a promising strategic and product concept to drive value over the next few years and to focus on its growth and development.

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