Forex Trading: Why Trade with Dubai DFSA Regulated Brokers

DFSA Regulator

Introduction to DFSA

📚 Formed:2004
🏦 Jurisdiction:Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
🏢 Headquarters:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
🛡️ Is DFSA Broker Offshore or Top-tier Jurisdiction?Top-tier
🔒 Is Top-tier Jurisdiction safe to trade?Yes

What is Dubai DFSA?

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is an independent financial regulatory agency established in conjunction with the creation of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Read our article about UAE Brokers). The DIFC, established in 2004, was designed to facilitate an environment where the economy and finance could flourish under its own civil and commercial laws, serving as a prominent business hub for the Middle East. Given the region's conservative approach to business and governance, there was a need to establish an area where Sharia laws could be adhered to while accommodating global firms and entrepreneurs seeking to establish an international business presence.

  • This strategic move has proven to be highly successful, with the DIFC experiencing remarkable growth and contributing to Dubai's overall development across various sectors. It is important to note that the DIFC operates separately from the UAE's federal Securities and Commodities Authority, which oversees the regulation of the entire UAE economy. However, within the DIFC, the DFSA ensures the implementation of regulatory standards on an international level.
  • The DFSA's regulatory framework mandates financial firms operating within the DIFC to obtain financial service authorization. This requirement applies to a range of entities, including banks, brokers, trading dealers, asset managers, wealth managers, corporate financiers, and insurance companies. Companies established within the DIFC are permitted to have foreign ownership and are subject to a civil, commercial, and regulatory environment like the legislation in the United Kingdom. The DFSA operates a regime similar to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and provides protective measures that enable market participants to engage in professional market activities or, if endorsed, conduct retail business or trading.
DFSA website

Why Trade with a DFSA-regulated Broker?

Dubai holds a significant position in the financial world, serving as a major financial centre and attracting wealthy traders, investors, and businessmen. As an Islamic State, Dubai operates under Sharia laws, which also apply to business models and money management. Although Sharia laws are known for their strict nature, Dubai has made progress by allowing certain advancements that were previously unavailable. The option of foreign ownership in Dubai provides companies with favourable conditions such as low taxes and extensive business opportunities while experiencing minimal government interference.

So, what does this mean for Forex Brokers? Dubai has welcomed international investors, offering them the chance to establish businesses and gain access to some of the world's most affluent investors. Consequently, numerous brokerages have either set up branches or strengthened their presence in the region. However, there have been instances where companies have chosen not to acquire the necessary regulatory status to become authorized brokers in Dubai, thereby creating a trading environment according to their own preferences. This approach carries significant risks as it exposes traders to potentially fraudulent or scam operations, which unfortunately still exist in the Middle East, including Dubai.

  • The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) is a reputable financial regulatory authority that aims to protect investors and maintain market integrity. By choosing a DFSA-regulated broker, you can have confidence in the broker's adherence to stringent regulatory standards and their commitment to safeguarding client funds.
  • DFSA-regulated brokers must comply with international standards and best practices in the financial industry. This includes robust risk management procedures, transparent pricing, fair trading practices, and adequate capitalization, which contribute to a more secure and reliable trading environment.
  • DFSA-regulated brokers are subject to regular audits, inspections, and ongoing supervision by the DFSA. This oversight ensures that brokers operate in a transparent manner, with accurate reporting and disclosure of information to clients. As a result, you can make more informed trading decisions and have confidence in the integrity of the market.
  • In the event of any disputes or conflicts between traders and DFSA-regulated brokers, the DFSA provides a platform for fair and impartial resolution. This can help protect your rights as an investor and provide a recourse mechanism in case of any issues that may arise during your trading journey.
  • DFSA-regulated brokers are required to meet certain capital adequacy requirements to ensure their financial stability. This helps to mitigate the risk of broker insolvency and provides additional assurance that your funds are held with a financially sound institution.

DFSA Brokers Requirements and Regulation

Let's take a closer look at the requirements for companies to become authorized DFSA brokers and how the regulatory authority aims to enhance professionalism and efficiency in the trading environment. The DFSA possesses the power to govern the activities and conduct of market participants, with a specific focus on brokers. Initially, when the DFSA began regulating the market, the emphasis was on professional clients, which influenced the requirements and operating model of the authority. However, as the number of retail investors grew significantly over the years, the DFSA made substantial changes to adapt the regulations accordingly. These changes included a requirement for companies to have over $1 million in liquid assets, excluding the local currency (UAE Dirham). If a company caters to retail clients, additional endorsements are necessary to ensure clear and transparent offerings, fostering fair competition and imposing restrictions on marketing or misrepresentation of facts.

  • Naturally, the high requirements were not warmly received by brokers, resulting in many operating without proper authorization. Recognizing the risks associated with retail offerings and the growing demand, the DFSA implemented new requirements and introduced additional measures and controls. Recently, the application fee has varied depending on the financial service, ranging from $15,000 to $17,000. The accreditation process now focuses on assessing the essential skills and professionalism of staff and top management. Moreover, strict compliance is enforced regarding brokers' money management. It is imperative for companies to strictly segregate clients' funds and provide risk disclosure statements under the supervision of the respective regulatory body.
  • The DFSA's regulatory framework shares similarities with that of the United States, particularly with the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This close alignment with international jurisdictions allows the DFSA to cooperate effectively. Brokers can choose to follow regulatory guidelines adopted by the United Kingdom, the United States, or Cyprus. However, the DFSA maintains certain trading restrictions, such as offering SWAP free accounts for Islamic traders in adherence to Sharia laws and implementing higher minimum margin requirements (ranging between 2% and 5%), thereby reducing potential leverage. Furthermore, regulated brokers are obligated to provide regular reports on audits and performance, maintain transaction records, and ensure compliance with DFSA guidelines. Failure to comply may result in fines, penalties, or even dismissal.
  • Consequently, the implemented regulations and requirements highlight the DFSA's commitment to improving its services and positioning Dubai and the Middle East in the global trading and financial markets. In 2017, the DFSA conducted a review focused on financial crimes to identify areas that required improvement. The review highlighted the need for better analysis and management of money laundering risks, the application of robust systems and controls for transaction monitoring, and the implementation of stricter policies and procedures for client interactions. Based on these findings, the DFSA initiated several actions and increased its focus on financial compliance in line with international standards. The regulator emphasizes the importance of implementing efficient processes, actively participating in development initiatives, fostering internal procedural enhancements, and continuously improving requirements and making amendments when necessary.
  • Additionally, the updates reveal that Dubai authorities have entered into an agreement with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to foster cooperation and develop an environment conducive to the sustainable growth of financial services through technology. This agreement aims to promote innovation and the application of fintech solutions on a global scale between the two markets. In simple terms, this cooperation mechanism will facilitate business interactions, and encourage the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like digital payments, blockchain, and flexible platforms. The general trend indicates that international regulatory authorities from respected markets and jurisdictions are increasingly engaging in cooperation and joint planning to enhance overall financial stability and integrity across markets. Such collaborations foster long-term relationships between parties, provide a solid foundation of protective tools and measures for investors and traders, and promise further improvements in services.

Read more about DFSA and MAS agreement:

DFSA Brokers Requirements and Regulation

DFSA Customer Support Service

The DFSA regulated brokers surely do have a procedure to resolve client disputes, yet investors can go further and submit a complaint. With all regulatory guidelines, if a trader or investor believes in unfair trading experience with the broker, or reach out the fraudulent activity, violation of the laws they can file a complaint directly to the DFSA. The trader should describe what has accrued, provide evidence of events, attach documents if applicable and include details of the situation or another, while DFSA will investigate the case further.

Submit the complaint about DFSA broker or company:

DFSA also gives direct input to the traders through the official website and served sources, to promote understanding of the financial market and necessity of regulation, with an aim to maintain confidence in the DIFC industry. The permanent support of DFSA allows one to check on the latest regulatory news, understand the basics of investing, provides guidelines on how to avoid frauds, as well as gives advice in order to resolve complaints or disputes.

The traders can also contact authority directly to verify or consult on supervised firm, as well to receive an answer to an appeared question. The DFSA online form:

DFSA Customer Support Service

List of Regulated Forex Brokers

As the fraudulent activity of forex brokerages and investment firms in Dubai still remains at the high level, the potential investor should stay attentive to common scam signals like unfamiliar calls with incredible opportunities or complex investment as well as not trust in everything said. And of course to avoid by any mean unlicensed or unregulated brokers.

In order to check on the company or another, which is the necessary step, the DFSA online listing carefully appears the forex broker license details and information, which is available on the DFSA Public Register.

In general, DFSA oversees over 600 entities and authorized hundreds of brokers, while also is responsible to regulate financial and ancillary services, supervise and enforce anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) requirements applicable in the DIFC.          

In order to choose on the best broker or to check the company, you should also read DFSA Brokers Reviews and get updated information from the engaged traders and other participants. For instance, our website designed to assist in market data includes hundreds and growing of Regulated Brokers Reviews along with Brokers to Avoid, and other useful data (Read Why you should avoid brokers from Vanuatu).

List of DFSA Regulated Forex Brokers

Conclusion on DFSA

As Dubai investors face some problems and fall victims of numerous frauds due to a possibility to enable brokerage firms without DFSA regulation, it is advised to choose only those firms that hold the necessary operation license and are authorized. Important to mention, the issues appeared only with non-regulated firms operating in Dubai.

As Dubai Financial Services Authority ensures highest quality services to the customers through its strict regulation and constant, very promising improvement, high liquidity proposal, software quality and reliability, safety data and banking, as well as customer care standards. At instance the protection by the applicable laws usually available only with the DFSA regulated brokers. Therefore, DFSA truly helps Dubai and Middle East markets to progress in the industry and make the necessary steps in order to facilitate strong position and a transparent possibility of the international offering towards investors and traders.

The Diesel Crisis Is Going Global

  • Prices for US diesel in the spot market of New York harbor have risen more than 265% since President Biden took the oath of office in 2021
  • Almost every region on the planet will face a diesel shortage this winter
The Diesel Crisis Is Going Global

The global diesel markets are facing a perfect storm as capacities tighten and stocks run low. If this continues, it could jeopardize critical transportation networks since industrial fuel powers ships, trucks & trains; there's also concern about supply chains being compromised by refinery issues in response to high demand for heating homes or businesses.

The worldwide shortage of diesel will have devastating effects on the global economy, including an accelerant that will burden households and businesses. Both gasoline and diesel prices are linked to crude prices set on the global market. Due to supply constraints, diesel prices in many markets currently demand a hefty premium. 

According to the Energy Information Administration, the US now has just 25 days of diesel supply, the lowest since 2008; and while inventories are record low, the four-week rolling average of distillates supplied - a proxy for demand - increased to its highest seasonal level since 2007. 

The ban on Russian crude to Europe in December could worsen the situation. Then a ban on Russian diesel in February could unleash even more chaos for the continent. Traders are panic-hoarding Russian oil products before the bans come into effect. Earlier this year, the US halted Russian diesel shipments, which last year, it was a major supplier to the East Coast.

Winter could exacerbate problems for the Northern Hemisphere as the worst diesel squeeze in a generation could wreak havoc on the already faltering global economy. 

Mastercard introduces Crypto Source to bring crypto trading capabilities to banks

Mastercard today introduces Crypto Source, a new program to enable financial institutions to bring secure crypto trading capabilities and services to their customers.

Mastercard introduces Crypto Source to bring crypto trading capabilities to banks

In partnership with regulated and licensed crypto custody providers, Mastercard’s financial institution partners will gain access to a comprehensive suite of buy, hold and sell services for select crypto assets, augmented with proven identity, cyber, security and advisory services. This Crypto Source offering is complemented by Mastercard Crypto Secure to bring additional security to the crypto ecosystem and support card issuers in their compliance with complex regulations.

Now, Mastercard’s suite of crypto-related offerings for banks and fintech includes:

  • Technology and partnership support to enable buying, holding and selling off select crypto assets
  • Security management including Mastercard’s identity solutions, crypto analytics, transaction monitoring, anti-money laundering, ‘Know Your Business’ and lifecycle stages, cybersecurity, and biometrics
  • Crypto spend and cash out capabilities offered through a range of products, including crypto cards, open banking and cross border services. Financial institutions would also be able to offer additional functionality using Mastercard’s technology such as digital receipts and loyalty solutions
  • Crypto program management including program design, product development and technology implementation, as well as go-to-market optimization and marketing consultancy services, providing end-to-end support for banks, fintechs and issuers to offer crypto programs at scale.

To support this program, Mastercard is expanding its partnership to work with Paxos Trust Company, a leading regulated blockchain infrastructure platform. The partnership aims for Paxos to provide crypto-asset trading and custody services on behalf of the banks, while Mastercard will leverage its technology to integrate those capabilities into banks’ interfaces, resulting in a seamless experience for the consumer.

Over the past few years, Mastercard has been working alongside its customers and partners to bring new services and capabilities that help make crypto more accessible, safe and secure. These efforts have been complemented with the addition of new technologies through Finicity, Ekata, RiskRecon and CipherTrace. This unique combination of services provides eligible financial institutions the opportunity to directly manage crypto asset investments for consumers. Mastercard also continues to support banks, governments and others through its Crypto & Digital Currencies Consulting Services.

Mastercard Crypto Source is currently being prepared for pilot programs.

Forex Trading: Why Trade with German BaFin Regulated Brokers

BaFin Regulator

Introduction to ASIC

📚 Formed:May 1, 2002
🏦 Jurisdiction:Federal Republic of Germany
🏢 Headquarters:Bonn and Frankfurt am Main
🛡️ Is BaFIN Broker Offshore or Top-tier Jurisdiction?Top-tier
🔒 Is Top-tier Jurisdiction safe to trade?Yes

What is BaFIN?

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht or the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - known as a BaFIN, is the financial regulatory authority in Germany also one of the most respected and Top-Tier Regulatory authorities known worldwide. BaFIn acts as an independent federal institution under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance Germany, also falls under EU Regulation of MiFID and ESMA being EU part. The German Federal Bank merged the authority along with the insurance and securities regulatory agencies and supervision.

While BaFIN holds a responsibility to supervise and regulate the financial sector in Germany, with the purpose to maintain smooth operations and harmonized offerings. The regulatory role falls in affects law enforcement towards banks, financial services institutions, insurance undertakings, and securities or derivatives brokers. (Read our article about BaFIN Brokers)

  • Perhaps, BaFIN is one of the largest and most valuable European regulators due to the fact of German economic and financial positions, as well as the large number of financial market firms that operate in the region. There are no doubts about BaFIN's role in the financial trading sector, since the extensive regulation regarding leveraged products, Forex and CFD trading came up together with the growth of trading offers, and followed the previous strictest development of stringent rules towards financial firms.
  • Moreover, BaFIN constantly develops its powers, as of 2016 a new launch was dedicated to encouraging more businesses and exposing misconduct. The major role of BaFIN ensures integrity and transparency of the German financial investment offering, along with its charge of the constant solvency and payment obligations of the regulated institutions and capability to deliver the confidence of services to their clients or traders. That means, BaFIN continuously check on the service providers and market participant in the sector and assures its strongest position on the international scale. (Read more about BaFIN's functions and role on their official website)
BaFIN homepage

Why trade with a BaFIN-regulated broker?

As BaFin operates in the public interest, its primary objective is to ensure that the financial system is properly functioning and delivers stability and trust towards investors or traders. The supervision of securities, CFDs and Forex consistent of integration and protection of offering and controlled on a legal basis throughout the Securities Trading Act (WpHG), the Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act (WpUG), the Securities Prospectus Act (WpPg) and the Prospectus Act (VerkProspG).

  • In addition, the provisions of the Stock Exchanges pricing process are monitored by the authority in collaboration with the exchange's own trading surveillance units. In simple words, that means that BaFin as a German authority does not only register or regulated financial market participants, but also supervises exchange-like trading systems and subject cooperation to fulfil the functions at the international level. Therefore trading with BaFIn Brokers clients are ensured of transparency and strict obligation to the laws.
  • The Federal Chamber establishes special guidelines for regulated members and particularly interprets an operational standard that enables safety and transparent measures towards traders. The list includes segregation of the client’s funds from the company's operational ones at all time and enabled negative balance protection. This assures that the trader’s funds are safe and not reachable by the company, as well as that volatility market conditions won’t affect the trader’s account into a loss of balance more than the initial invested capital. As a general mean, the regulator acts and enables new rules and controls according to the new developments and findings, therefore current issues follow numerous rules towards Crypto trading and leverage restrictions, while the needs are not to be between 2:1 and 30:1.
  • Moreover, with the purpose to protect consumer rights, which is among the top responsibilities of BaFin, the authority serves the Consumer Advisory Council that analysis information about the financial markets and prevents broker’s manipulations. The BaFin broker submits reports on a periodic basis and submits information on company orders, lending and all forms of assets along with disclosure reports. The required regulation allows BaFIN to request operational information, and conduct supervisory or analysis at any time, while in case the regulated broker does not comply with necessary standards this may cost a backwash.
  • In the past German authority has hardly made use of enforcement, however recently BaFIN is an effect to initiate legal action when it discovers suspicion of a crime, including market manipulation, illegal action, insider trading or establishment of fraud. Further actions include the creation of a working group together with a professional to define objectives, publication of found information to the public, imposition of fines and heavy penalties, and even raising of a criminal complaint against persons or companies. In addition, BaFIN has the power to ban a product or dealer offer, remove the directors, suspend shareholders and appoint outside supervision.
  • Overall, throughout the strict regulatory guidelines, the trader and investor are protected at any stage or scenario from the account opening, and trading process, up to the unlikely events of the broker’s insolvency. BaFIN is responsible for the statutory compensation and guarantee scheme plan, which is mandatory to join with the purpose to protect customers’ deposits. The mechanism clarified compensation up to 100,000€ which any client is entitled to receive.
BaFin Warnings and latest news for consumers

BaFIN Brokers Requirements and Regulation

From the application of the license, until the company officially obtains its registration, the firm will pass through a serious check of the performance, and its maintenance of sustainability and trust, while their shareholders are required to check also, along with a large number of control systems. In fact, it is not easy to become a regulated BaFin broker and meet the necessary requirements, as minimum requirements should be sharply achieved, otherwise, the company will be suspended, in comparison offshore companies which we advise to avoid are not required to obtain almost any of those rules that guarantee safe trading account. Read Why Avoid Belize Brokers

  • The minimum capital requirement depends on the financial company type and averages between 50,000€ to 730,000€. While the system disciplines numerous details for the company to maintain, overall the minimum capital of an investment company which trades on its own account should be not less than 125,000€.
  • The broker also checked for its adequacy, should submit a business plan, acknowledge and practice essential experience, apply protection systems and have at least one year of risk control with a record of at least 6 years. The directors and top management are interviewed in terms of their qualifications, so BaFin can rest assured the company's sustainability is protected by the intelligent management and experience to run a successful brokerage as well. 
  • After its registration process the broker, as established and regulated in the EU, the company will automatically comply according to respective ESMA regulations, due to an EU directive. The broker received a regulated status maintains a physical office in Germany and is organized to comply with its mandates at all times.

Regulatory Complaint

As a part of the customer protective service, any trader or investor can file a complaint against the broker if the one faces an unfair experience with a particular company. Apart from an applied resolve procedure, which every regulated BaFin broker applied to and you should first refer to the company itself, the trader can submit a complaint in writing with the necessary details and proof of claims to BaFin. The information will be reviewed for evidence, while further the stated company will be contacted for a detailed explanation and treatment plan.

  • Regardless of the outcome, BaFin will give final notice to the client, in case it can resolve an issue or not since securities investment complaints are a special character and BaFin has no right to support claims. BaFin can only take action against supervised companies and check on their compliance with the agreed contractual terms and legal requirements.

If you having problems with a bank, an insurance undertaking or a German management company (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft – KVG), the BaFin may respond by suggesting an out-of-court settlement of the dispute or Ombudsman Services company.

Submit the complaint about the BaFin broker:

BaFin Trading Education

In addition, BaFin educates the population through its comprehensive information that is available to all. You may find out about financial issues, and a wealth of information about banks, insurance undertakings, and other financial services providers. BaFin also answers frequently asked questions in case there are difficulties with a company or you can find out who to contact to receive advice.

BaFin consumer organizations service:

BaFin Trading Education

List of BaFIN-Regulated Forex Brokers

In order to help traders to verify information about the BaFin forex broker license, the authority’s official website publishes a list of regulated entities with constant updates. In addition, the regulated BaFin broker will display on the footer of its website or regulation page the BaFin license number, which is available to check through official sources. (Search for BaFIN-regulated companies on official website)

In addition, it is advised for any trader or investor to check on BaFin Broker Reviews with updates and recent news from the broker. Currently, the German regulated brokers' list on our website includes 50 BaFin Regulated Brokers and growing, check on Regulated entities by the link. Also, You can learn more about how Forex Trading Scams work in our article linked here.

List of BaFIN-Regulated Forex Brokers

Conclusion Germany BaFIN

The benefits of trading with the BaFin-regulated Forex Brokers are obvious, as the authority enabled the strictest insurance of strong brokers’ responses, responsibilities, and compliance to its high solvency standards also being Top-Tier Forex Trading authority. That monitoring products, overall run of the trading or investment proposal and other issues along with the compensation provided to the clients when necessary. Overall, the BaFin made it scrupulously to monitor regulated brokers and smooth operation of the German finance system as an important part of international turnover.

The German brokerages are computable to the successful prospective of operation, makes their utmost to develop a market and focus on fair treatment of their client and are very well regarded by us and many traders in community too. For this reason, BaFin gained high consumers rankings, as well as popularity to establish brokerage, particularly under the BaFin regulatory status.

Vantage Launches Social Trading on Its Mobile App

The multi-asset online broker Vantage has announced the launch of a social trading feature on its proprietary mobile app, Vantages App, thus expanding its app's capacity and turning it into an all-inclusive trading app supporting both regular and social traders.

Vantage logo

Social trading has rapidly broken onto the scene over the last decade, revolutionizing how newcomers and veterans alike navigate complex forex markets. By copying successful trader strategies, social traders can harness their knowledge to make informed investments with minimal effort.

Social trading on the Vantage App will cover the whole product offering of more than 1,000 trading instruments including CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Energy, Shares, ETFs and Bonds.

About Vantage

Vantage is a global, multi-asset broker offering clients access to a nimble and powerful service for trading CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Shares. With more than 10 years of market experience and headquartered in Sydney, Vantage now has over 1,000 staff across more than 30 global offices.

For more information read our detailed review article on Vantage or visit their official webpage.

US equity funds recorded the biggest weekly inflow for the last 10 months

In the week leading up to Nov. 16, U.S. equity funds attracted massive inflows as signs of slowing inflation eased investor fears of a more aggressive Federal Reserve rate hike.

According to data from Refinitiv Lipper, U.S. equity funds obtained a net of $16.65 billion, the biggest weekly inflow since Dec. 29.

US equity funds recorded the biggest weekly inflow for the last 10 months

Analysts at the bank said in a Tuesday note that allocations to equities reached the third-highest sum since 2008 during the five-day period, according to client data — a sign investors believe indicates that the market sell-off is nearing an end. But BofA contested the notion that the worst is behind for the stock market.

After surging for the first two days of last week, a jobs day plunge erased much of the gains. Still, stocks managed to end the week higher after three straight weeks of losses.

Bank of America noted that the broad-based shopping spree across U.S. equities ranged from single stocks to exchange-traded funds while the purchases spanned hedge funds, institutions, and individual investors. Institutional investors were the biggest buyers, recording their first inflow in a month and largest inflow since December 2020.

Netflix Leads Streaming Stocks Lower

The streaming giant fell short on viewership for its new ad-supported platform.

Netflix Leads Streaming Stocks Lower

Among the biggest losers in last week's selloff were Netflix and other streaming stocks. NFLX shares fell 9% on December 15 following reports the streaming giant is falling short on viewership guarantees it made to advertisers for its new ad-supported streaming service. Shares are 1% higher in early trading Friday.

Investors had been counting on the new ad tier to draw a substantial audience, but the company reportedly delivered only around 80% of its expected audience.

The poor performance could mean Netflix may have to lower its ad prices. It had been seeking a relatively high $55 cost per thousand impressions (CPM), above the $50 CPM of Disney+. Advertisers are also faulting Netflix for not pushing its own market campaign for the ad-supported tier.

Netflix shares had climbed about 67% over the past six months, but are still down about 51% so far this year. Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) and Paramount Global (PARA) shares also fell about 9% yesterday. Disney's (DIS) stock price was down about 4%.

Binary Option Scams

We are here to address the common inquiries traders may have regarding binary options scams, as surge in fraudulent activities that entice individuals with promises of extraordinary profits through elaborate schemes and Binary Options in particular. These scams have become increasingly prevalent and target a wide range of people by presenting seemingly advanced solutions.

  • To protect yourself from binary options scams, it's important to be aware of the likelihood of falling victim to these deceptive tactics. By staying informed and learning how to spot fake offerings, you can safeguard your funds and personal information.

Introduction to Binary Trading

Binary options are financial instruments that involve trading with a fixed amount of money and a specified timeframe. In fact, Binary Options are Banned completely by most regulators worldwide and are not available via Regulated Brokers.

So how Binary Option work? The Investors can purchase a stock or other investment, or make a bet on the price of an underlying asset reaching a certain level by a specific expiration date. {Read our review article about Binary Options Trading Brokers)

  • The potential loss or gain is limited to the difference between the market price and the option price. In binary options, the timeframe is much shorter, and it essentially becomes a short-term bet on the direction of the asset. If the trader's prediction is correct, they receive a predetermined amount of money from the counterparty. However, if their prediction is incorrect, they lose the entire investment.

Yet, due to the appeal of binary options as a financial investment opportunity, the industry has faced scrutiny regarding its reliability and legitimacy. Its popularity is driven by the accessibility it offers to anyone seeking investment opportunities and the promise of high returns in a short period of time. However, it is important to closely examine the nature of this opportunity.

How do Binary Options scams work?

The binary brokers as a typical mean locate their offices primarily in offshore zones and other jurisdictions that did not imply the strictest regulation to financial investment firms, since worldwide regulation Ban this trading instrument due to high risks and lack of transparency. Therefore, the Binary company will enable its operation with a very low requirement and capital while as a general rule will claim its presence in prestigious jurisdictions alike the UK, Hong Kong, the US, or another European country. The phone number may appear to be a local line, but eventually to have the end user in the options trading hub somewhere in the world.

Therefore, binary scams are geared towards investors and promote fake binary trading software through easy for unscrupulous providers to take the advance.

Here are typical scenarios How Binary Option Fraud operates and target traders:

  • Most often binary frauds use heavy advertising tactics through social media, websites and emails with a redirection to a very-well developed websites with an allegedly professional offering and a very attractive opportunity for gains available to everyone.
  • Majority of binary options scams lure traders with a very small initial deposit and “free bonuses”, and most often it is enough to get interested. Further on an options broker will ask for credit card information and eventually, that’s where the positive side finishes. Then, the trader puts his life savings into “potential investment and gains”, but faces the loss of everything. The attempts to get money back turn out to be unsuccessful with further stress from understanding what happened.
  • The main trap in binary options trading is that firms may easily manipulate software and distort prices which will lead to a sudden loss of the trading account and balance.
  • Furthermore, scam brokers may use credit information to withdraw funds from the cards, therefore you should be extremely cautious about giving the credit details. (Read about Forex Trading Scams)
  • As the nature of Binary Options trading allows company providers to operate the “business” easily as well as to enjoy high incomes in their pockets, the industry shows its growing tendency constantly.
  • However, the situation has now changed due to better regulations and observances that keep track of scams so is always good to refer to Top-Tier regulatory websites like FCA. Securities and markets regulators across international jurisdictions received thousands of complaints as the binary options providers target investors aggressively, yet, the truth of victims is far beyond the received number of complaints.
  • While Binary Option is often categorized as a sort of gambling by the authorities the binary options broker may be a registered firm in a particular or offshore place, yet the firm is not allowed to sell its offering to residents of other jurisdictions. (Read Why to Avoid Brokers from Belize)
  • The authorities and international trading industry regulators regularly check on the trends and actions performed or offered by various brokers with the purpose to protect clients and maintain a trustable or smooth market operation. In regards to binary options trading sites, the most trusted regulators issued an Investor Alert, with advice not to involve in binary trading at all, and even banned binary options to retail traders. The agencies mention that numerous complaints received and relatively easy ways to manipulate software or to generate losing trades during the binary options trading delivery involve a significant risk to be involved in fraudulent activity. The authorities then identified thefts through a fixed-odds betting nature of the binary options trading and try to educate the population and warn about fraudulent promotional schemes.

Check on the UK FCA warning against Binary Options Scams:

Binary Option Scams

How to protect yourself?

Even though world authorities restrict Regulated Brokers from offering Binary Options, yet, the regulators are not able to power each and every offering or specific jurisdiction where most of the scammers are based. In many instances, you should protect yourself and be aware of an interaction, that takes place with the purpose to take your money.

  • There is no guarantee on a statement made on the broker's website, thus do not believe in every statement, specifically about its registration status, but carefully check through official regulatory sources. Scams often present themselves as a reputable firm with professional data, allured attractive possibilities of high gains, and fast outcomes. Yet, often it's all faked, always remember because information looks official, it does not mean it is.
  • Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or messages from individuals or companies promoting binary options trading. Legitimate brokers typically do not engage in aggressive marketing tactics.
  • Seek advice from independent financial professionals or trusted individuals who have experience in trading and investments. They can provide objective insights and help you navigate the complexities of binary options trading.
  • Always verify the broker’s registers before dealing with them and check on the reputation, as well as read Forex Brokers reviews. Probably, if the firm is not authorized it is a high risk to be a scam. You can always check Warning lists issued by the industry authorities and of course, you should consider strongly any issues, as well as review the List of Brokers to Avoid
Company Summary

If you got scammed by Binary Broker

In case you fall victim to Binary Option scams, at first you should immediately recall the credit card and try to withdraw funds from an account. Because scams are likely located overseas, there is almost no way to get any money back or to receive any sort of support.

The typical traders' complaints included refusal to credit accounts or return funds and in fact, are not able to be supported further, as simply the company is not regulated or compensated by anyone. However, you should report a scam to specified authorities and better to access a specialist to advise on your following steps. The Regulators like UK’s FCA, Australian ASIC, Cyprus CySEC, and others provide an open and well-guided complaint procedure, therefore you should contact authorities immediately in case there are any concerns.

However, If you invested with a non-regulated entity there is no investment protection applied, as well as there, is no established compensation, unlike the Regulated Forex Brokers status provides.

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Conclusion on Binary Options Trading Scams

The sad truth is that scams in the binary options trading market are something that dominates among the offering. While the broker may provide robotic software or act as a broker, the trader should always keep caution against scams.

Overall, it is a very high risk, noting facts and issues happened to thousands of investors around the world, to engage in Binary Options trading.

We can not recommend trading with binary options brokers due to the revealed facts and numerous warnings issued by trusted authorities around the world. We value a transparent operation and investment service, therefore both reliable and trusted brokers will be always regulated and authorities in terms of their offering and performance. On the contrary, we offer to check out a list of Regulated Brokers and a description of their investment proposal, which is available by the link.

HFM Introduces a New App Version

HFM New App Version

An all-around trading experience is now at the client’s reach with the new feature-packed mobile trading application from an award-winning broker HFM.

To enhance its offerings further and satisfy the needs and expectations of its constantly growing client base, Global multi-asset broker HFM has developed a new mobile application. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Combining HFM’s industry-leading conditions and cutting-edge technology, the app takes the trading experience to another height.

It is now possible for clients to have access to their accounts, trading CFDs on more than 1200 assets immediately on the app. The award-winning broker HFM enables simple and ultra-fast trade execution and customizes the trading with three trading options, that is Amounts, Lots, or Units. Moreover, traders have access to a detailed history of each trade. This allows them to analyze their prior performance, monitor their positions 24/7, and enjoy trading from any spot.

HFM spokesperson proudly announced that the newly released HFM mobile trading app is a result of months of development and painstaking testing. According to his words, their aim is to make mobile trading possibly intuitive and practicable, enabling traders to enter global financial markets effortlessly and enjoy smooth trading.

Real-time prices, automatic market notifications, advanced charting functionality, powerful trading tools, and market analysis can all be found on HFM’s mobile application. Still, HFM doesn’t stop here and endeavors to introduce even more updates and functionalities directed at enhancing user experience and satisfying the expectations for over 3.5 million live accounts all over the world.

To learn more about the newly introduced features, visit the HFM App page.

About HFM

HFM, known as HotForex and a brand name of HF Markets Group, is an internationally acclaimed multi-asset broker. It has acquired more than 60 coveted industry awards, being the choice of over 3.5 million live accounts all over the world. Among the company’s offerings are a wide variety of account types, innovative products, cutting-edge platforms, tools, and educational resources. HFM also offers outstanding customer service and exceptional trading conditions.