Stuart Pule

I don’t remember much exactly how I got interested in trading, but I remember that at first it was some kind of entertainment or hobby. I worked with small sums of money and very rarely, and I can’t say that it immediately became my life’s work. Of course not, I didn’t understand how you can and should analyze the market. I was opening orders to my eye and as a real player I was hoping for profit every time, completely unaware of what was going on. In general, my story is probably similar to hundreds and thousands of others. But it is true and I am not going to invent something that did not happen. And only after a few months and the first blown up deposit, I realized that I had to change something and look for other approaches to trading. That’s how I got interested in learning from OT. Because there was so much material here that I was even surprised how much I had to learn. But still, I decided that I should try it. And I was pleasantly surprised that every OT review is really useful, structured information about the market, indicators, strategies and no broker advertising. And all this is free. And the result did not keep me waiting. I began to see at least periodic profits. And as I trained for a demo, everything went well.