Sage Cartwright

I have been trading in HYCM for a while now. I can’t say that I’m particularly enthusiastic about the company. I’m not an advocate of this brand, that’s for sure.
I would say that the company lacks certain things, but it does have its advantages. The main one is the mobile app. I like its simplicity and speed. And also the versatility and the alerts for important news. It means a lot to me as a trader.
On the negative side, I think there is an unfortunate distribution of account types in HYCM. How to choose what type of account you need? It’s challenging. If a Fixed account is not good enough for you.
For example, I don’t want to overpay for spread because of artificial conditions. On the real market, the spread is variable. I think it should stay that way. It doesn’t have to widen in order for the broker to compensate for the extra costs, as it happens with a fixed spread.
Of course, there are cases where for traders, this is the only possible way out. For example, if they trade in times of low liquidity on the market. Then, of course, there is no choice but to choose a fixed spread. Because at such times, the widening of the floating spread happens very often.
But here I also have a question. Maybe the trader should reconsider his strategy and trading plan? Change the daily routine? It’s not as difficult as it seems. It’s enough, just a desire to change something.
So I can’t say that HYCM is the best company for trading. But it’s good enough.