Ridwan Suartini

FxPro is one of the leading brokers in the industry and that’s not only my opinion. It’s confirmed by numerous rankings, reviews and traders’ feedback, I talked to many FxPro traders and most of them are pleased with their choice. I see nothing unusual in this, as FxPro is one of the brokers that invests money in growing, advancing and expanding to the new markets. Company is running educational programm for example and that’s the thing that attracts beginners. I checked that education cards out and I can’t say they’re too usefull, they’re rather okey to understand the basics, but to become more advanced trader you would need to practice yourself. However, education is not the only one feature, FxPro has many other points that are attracting traders: 1. NDD execution. That’s one of the best execution types along with ECN, STP and DMA. I don’t know how it works from technical point, but I know that pro traders are high-rating such execution type. 2. $100 minimum depo. Just a short story about my trading way. I have background in economy and I understood how to make money on trading even before I joined that bussiness. But I would never risk big money, as I didn’t know much about my perspectives there. And $100 depo was a feature that finally made me try FxPro, as that’s an ammount I’m ready to risk. Of course, now my trading deposit is much higher, but I think wouldn’t came to trading with this broker if the innitial deposit was too high. However, I can’t also agree there’s no cons at all, as I see at least one. There’s no copy-trading available and I think that’s the point that can be considered as disadvantage.