A great, no, fantastic company with a wide range of choices and options to fulfil all my trading (and other) needs. It has helped me a lot during the last few months and I am so grateful for the customer service and the easy to use website. It has so many different pages, all giving you a new a unique tool. I love how transparent they are about what they do and from the emails I’ve exchanged, every one is very friendly. They always get back to you quickly with an answer to your question or query or even a solution to your problem (however rare problems are). The addition of zero commissions is also vital for the overall experience as it helps make you feel that what you do isn’t being taken advantage of. It’s shocking how many other sites that a large commission, it displays how much they care about the customer. It’s so cool how you can pick from big brands like Netflix or Nvidia. The website looks so nice making it a joy to play around with. From my experience, it is the best one in this industry and that there are no real competitors that even come close to what you get from Trade360. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into trading or stocks in general because, simply put, you won’t get a better job anywhere else. I have never had any problems and I don’t think that you will either, as it is just such a good brand.