Piotr Wilk

I believe that HYCM should be noticed by more traders because it’s a very comfortable broker and it’s really pleasant to work with it. You can find here anything you want for your successful trading activity. It has a huge variety of trading instruments such as shares, commodities, crypto, ETF and indices. I guess that this fact has to be reviewed because today it’s kinda difficult to find such a broker which offers such amount of instruments.
I was really amazed by the types of account. It has three main types of account: fixed, classic and raw. Every type has its own peculiarities and features. All of them differ from each other in case of the sum of minimum deposits, spreads and stuff like that.
Moreover, this broker has several ways of withdrawing money and what is more significant is that it happens in just a couple of hours.
If you’re a novice and want to try this broker for your initial steps at trading then HYCM provides you with such an option which sounds like the defense from going negative. You can try trading on a real account and don’t be afraid of going negative.