I believe that Trade360 is overall mediocre at best. The general interface is appreciated, they offer a smooth website and I appreciate that.It is super User-friendly, I was expecting to have to get used to a lot but Trade360 eased me into it, so I felt pretty confident in the skills and abilities they offered which are very vast compared to others programs like this that I have tried before. The fully functional mobile app is also pretty useful, before I never knew if In was going to need it or ever use it, then when I ran into something I ended up having to use the mobile app and it didn’t disappoint. Like the website the interface was smooth and functional and came in handy in useful situations. If I absolutely had to change one thing it would probably be the website design. I said before that it was a smooth interface but my first impression upon visiting was how bold and risky it was. The colors popped and the words were bold and I felt out of place, that of course changed or I wouldn’t still be with them but I can imagine how that would affect new-comers in the future. In conclusion, I would recommend this for starters, when I was a starter this worked well and my opinion of it is good but now I see I’ll be needing more if I want to continue leveling up.