Madhur Khawas

That’s global Forex and CFD brokerage with worldwide presence, moreover, it was launched back in 1970’s and that’s what made a lot of traders to choose this company. I’m talking about brand and company reputation, that’s the thing brokers can’t buy or mimic. The only way to become top brokerage is too exist long enough, offer excellent service and keep on improving it. That’s why I don’t understand some HYCM reviews, where people compare it with unregulated brokers or brokers that exist 1-3 years. As for me, that’s unlogical and has nothing to do with reality. Well, maybe some new companies are offering tigher spreads, bonuses or even better education, but you can never be sure that this company would exist long enough or it would change trading conditions. The brand and its history means everything, that’s why we’re choosing time-proved solutions. Look around, we’re tooking that every day, but for some reasons some traders don’t go that way when it comes to Forex trading. And I don’t know why. The desire to save money can turn into problems in the future, so I advise against taking such a risk. Overall, I have nothing to add to this review on 55brokers as I generally agree with. The broker doesn’t have any tangible flaws. The lack of 24/7 support is a little annoying, but you are answered by a real person with clear expertise. Not low paid employees who will respond to you with communication algo. I won’t say that I recommend HYCM, there are other brokers with long-lasting history and full package of regulations, but I definitely consider this broker among the best in the industry