Okey, I understand that there is informational era and author is free to post anything what he or she wants. But I don’t understand what’s the point to create review only from one end. it seems, if we read this text, that AAFX has nothing positive to offer its clients, as author simply doesn’t mentioned nothing. What’s correct in this article: 1. Company name 2. Registration and Malaysian license info 3. AAFX description (brokerage for stocks, CFD and Forex) 4. Explanation that SVG is liberal zone What’s wrong: 1. Claiming that SVG registration is something bad (that’s the main point of this article). That’s not true and that’s mislead. There are some scam companies under the US or EU registration and there are fair companies under off-shore registration. Just remember OFF-SHORE registraion is about TAXATION, not about company quality. Regulations means nothing, but reputation means a lot 2. There was no mention that AAFX won prize as Asian BEST brokerage in 2013 3. Registration in Malaysia is additional feature and it’s not the cheapest way. Malaysia is perspective market and that is ADVANTAGE, not disadvantage. 4. I can’t find ANY fraud verdicts, there are only pre-payed reviews from competitors with no proofs, or complaints from people that think that forex is a way to earn with no skills So, as I said, regulations means nothing and I can claim AAFX to be 100% reputable and safe. For my 2 years of trading there was no single situation when brokerage acts incorrect. By the way, lets reader decide, I just express my opinion.