An excellent site for people to start to learn how to trade from the get-go. I do recommend that people take it slow and learn what works and what does not before making this a source of income or trying to. As with all trading platforms, there is a degree of risk involved so understand that you need to do your homework first. As far as the functionality of the site it is excellent as the design is seamless rather than clunky and bogged down with useless advertisements or dead links. The customer service is good as they tend to respond relatively quickly and do seem to know what they are actually doing in many cases. The site in terms of appeal is visually pleasing which is good for drawing and keeping new users. They do seem to take security very seriously so expect it to have several methods they can and will check for any fraudulent activity. In addition to tips and how-to parts tutorials, it is a good resource for those who want to get their feet wet in trading so to speak. The most interesting feature is the side comparison it has that allows you to look at what is trending. Rather than have a static update every couple of minutes it seems to use in real-time to give you info on what trades are hot at the moment. So in conclusion I would highly recommend this platform to all who want to get there hands dirty and experiment to see if it is for them