I don’t know what professionals will say about this broker, but in my opinion it’s a nice one. I’m only a newbie so can’t judge about the variety of indicators and those kinds of things, but look, the company has got so many pros that I can create a whole list here: 1. Registration is easy, account is well protected with two-factor authentication 2. Demo account is unlimited and has got all the functionality of a live-trading account 3. Education is free and quite useful 4. Deposits start with only $10 5. Minimum risk per trade is only $1 Apart from that there is one more thing that stands out among other brokerages. This is their trading platform. From what I understand, the software was fully developed by Olymp, and it is really much easier that MT4 to trade with. Basically you can limit your trading skills to buy and sell buttons. The broker will place the stops (you have to enter the amount you want to risk yourself though), close the trade when it’s time, etc. Of course this is not something that I suggest everyone doing, but the fact that you can never forget to place your stop-loss order is very good in my opinion.