Hanno Binder

Good to trade here. I really appreciate to trade with this brokerage service because it has exceeded my expectations in terms of reliability. By the way, when I was making a decision to join this company, I didn’t know enough about this broker. I just followed several recommendations from my friends. They just told me that it’s an old but reliable broker and that’s all. So, having signed up, I opened a Raw account and started trading. I chose exactly that account because I need tight spreads. However, I can’t say that I scalp all the time. I also hold long-term trades. The execution ensured by the broker is top-notch. I don’t struggle entering and exiting the market here. As for the possibility to withdraw funds, it’s also hassle-free here. I had been trading for three months with the broker and then learned from hycm reviews that it’s one of the oldest brokers in the world started in 1977. That just proved the rightfulness of my choice.