Gunj Sachar

I certainly didn’t always want to do trading. Moreover, I always had certain tasks and plans, which I had been creating for several years and never thought about Forex or anything like that. But time went by. And I began to understand that the picture that I imagined did not quite correspond to reality, and I really did not have the opportunity to realize what I wanted. And then it turned out that I didn’t have much desire. So I had a new choice – I had money to create a new business project, but had no idea what I wanted to do. And then I had a private conversation with a close friend, who at that time already had his business and even a good income, but did not admit in what area he works and what he does. He told me about Forex, about trading in this brokerage company and explained that he hides it because many people do not take it seriously and this is one of the most polite reactions that he faced. And he just doesn’t need it, he does what he likes. In general, he also offered me to try, at least for a small amount. I have always had good analytical skills, so there was every chance to understand everything and realize myself. In fact, everything did not work out at once, and of course I faced all the classic difficulties of a trader – I could not decide on the leverage, did not always understand when to hold a position, and when it is better to get rid of it. I lost a lot and earned a lot, but of course the interest was very strong, so over time, with experience, everything entered the format when I clearly learned how to distribute capital, forces and time. It turns out that you can create a business under any circumstances, especially if you have a desire.