Esseh Odunayo

In my humble opinion this broker will suit any trader with only one exception. A trader that uses EAs and has invested a lot of time and efforts developing this EA specially for MetaTrader, will definitely not stock to Fondex, as Fondex does not support MetaTrader but supports cTrader.
cTrader has also got a built in feature of algorithmic trading, but the bots are called cBots here and they have to be written in C#. Of course for a skilled programmer it won’t be dffiucult to recode the algo in C#, but you know.. I’m not sure any broker in a world is worth the trouble.
On the other hand, there are a lot of other features at Fondex that make it worth considering even if you will have to transfer the funds from some other brokerage here.
Trading fees is the first advantage. I’ve investigated this question carefully and I diddn’t manage to find broker with more favorable trading conditions. The spreads here start formally with 0 but as you understand this is a marketing exageration. In fact the spreads are little less than 1 pip for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. Yet, please mide there is also a small commission that you pay per round turn with forex trading. Cryptos and indices don’t hav e a comission, there is a spread only for this instruments.
Hedging is allowed.
Scalping allowed with no restrictions.
When I just started trading here there weren’t many payment options here. Yet, this have changed. Now there are enough payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals so you will definitely find something suitable for you.