Forex trading with Trade360 was one of my first experiences with stocks and digital trading, I had attempted several times on this and other platforms without doing the necessary groundwork to get good at such a thing. If you are prepared to inform and educate yourself then this website can give be a worthy venture. Capital is always at risk, so that’s why I say to inform and educate yourself THEN venture. I find them easy to use and the trading platform isn’t too tricky to navigate, the layout of trends, formulas and currencies are simple to pick up too. Just don’t be silly like I was and get too cocky, the app is great and easy to use so if you were to start your forex trading with any platform, I would place this in my top 5. One of the main things I liked about Trade360 was they are all encompassing, you can trade in global markets wherever you are, I’ve gone back and forth between different types of trading but I can still do it all on one platform here. The app is pretty instinctive and has a good algorithm to present me with relevant information and continuously improve my user experience as a trader on there. The crowdfeed section was easy to pick up and get the hang of, if anything, I felt that was helped me learn outside of my own wants and needs, to make better investments moving forward, as I had improved my scope and understanding.