Daniel McGee

As someone who has grown up studying economics through book and through Internet I have had a very interesting life being an investor as well as a very prosperable one. Being able to know which market you are going in as well as the tools you use is a huge gamble in the business. Lately I have been using Robinhood as well as experimented with a few other trade sites, I’ve been able to eat and keep my roof over my head but I’ve wanted even more money from my career. The investment sites I have been using have been good but the UI design was kind of icky as well as the lack of tools that could make things a lot easier. Two months ago a friend referred to me about Trade360 and how much better it is than any other investment website on the internet. I gave it a try and transferred my funds over to my Trade360 account and found out just how much more easily the UI was to navigate with. There were more tools available to use that made trading stocks easier, I’ve even found better deals on Trade360 with the companies I have found on there. Last year I have been making 5k a month and now from my estimation I am going to earn 20% more money on Trade360 rather than if it had been on Robinhood. In my opinion I definitely recommend Trade360 over all other trade platforms, it’s just too good of a service to use.