Daniel Antua

I like this brokerage, good among other cTrader brokers 1. Spreads really start at 0.0 pips. To be fair, I never saw exactly 0.0, but I saw 0.1 and that’s extremely low 2. cTrader is good trading platform. It’s hard to compare it with MT4, but cTrader is more modern and easy-to-use. At least, my oppinion is positive, it’s not so popular as MT4, but it’s better designed 3. Scalping is available without any restrictions. I’m not a scalper, but I know some people that are scalpers and as they said – brokers don’t like scalpers, so only good brokers accept scalping (a lot of deals is a great load on brokerage servers) 4. CySEC regulation, broker has all licenses and other documents, so it’s 100% legit 5. I checked terms and conditions and they’re clear and without any pirfalls 6. Automated trading and copy-trading available, that’s the great additional services and they’re free. Automated trading is available only in cTrader app, so that’s short disadvantage. Copy-trading is available only in cTrader Web If you aren’t afraid of cTrader (joke), then Fondex can be a great opportunity.