Chung Tai Sik

There are lots of brokers actually which provide their services for traders, who are eager to reach something in trading activity. Unfortunately, not all of them can be considered as reliable and responsive, hence it might take lots of time for traders to choose a proper broker.
This one amazed me alot by its approach to the traders’ needs. I’m sure that it fulfills it permanently. This broker is regulated by famous regulators and one must be sure that everything with reliability is okay here actually.
I liked the system of diversification of accounts. Several types of accounts adds a bit of competitiveness, hence stimulates traders to trade a lot and develop their skills and gain plenty of experience. Moreover, the most pleasant thing regarding these types of account is that you can easily pass a special form, consisted of 5 questions, which may help you to determine which type of account will be the most sutiable for you.
In clonclusion, I want to add to this hycm review the detail about the velocity of deals’ execution. It’s the fastest I’ve ever met and I’m really glad that I have an opportunity to trade with this broker.