Asem Al-Matrafi

Come on, let’s finally look a little wider at trading and find something that can make your life better and more productive. No I don’t mean just money, it’s the primary product that interests us all, it’s normal, so we do our best to achieve a positive result. But I’ve recently been thinking about what else it gives me in life. Because it can’t be that I spend 5-6 hours a day on it and it doesn’t show up on me in any way. I’ve noticed, for example, that I’ve become more attentive to the little things in recent years. That is, I pay attention to the way people talk, how they respond to my questions, I will briefly note that I am not only engaged in trading, I have another business line in my work, where I personally communicate with my partners. And it really helps to catch the slightest changes in my mood and, accordingly, I surround myself only with reliable people and quickly break up with those who simply should not be trusted. Moreover, at the moment when my second business was on the verge of collapse, there really were circumstances that I could not influence, just that I have a good understanding of economic processes and investment, I was able to quickly transfer my money to another area and quickly resolve this issue. I recently met a phrase in an article of Olymp Trade saying that a trader remains a trader in any situation. And it seems to me that it really is, and it really shows your economic preparedness and professionalism.