Adlam Ankunding

I’m trading since web 1.0 era, so I came through the thick and thin of the trading. I was trading with top brokers and with unregulated ones, so I know all stuff and background of brokerage industry. Moreover, I took a brake in 2014 and came back only in November, 2019. I made a decision to start with another brokerage and finally chose Fondex. That’s why: 1. cTrader trading platform. Metatrader is the most popular but cTrader offers some really usefull features. First of all, there are no brackets limits, you can set stop loss that you want, no minimum stop lvl. Another advantage was C# runned algorithms. I don’t like MSQL and it’s hard to code but C# is well-known, so I’m creating my own algorithms to automate some everyday-trades. 2. Tight spreads. I don’t like to speak about spreads, as almost all brokers offer ‘reasonable’ ones. Some brokers charge more for good daily analysis, some charge more for brand and security. Fondex charges exactly that pips that I consider to be ‘justified’ and there are no account maintenance fees. Spreads are lower 1 pips for major currencies, for EURUSD it’s 0.58 for monthly average for September. 3. Personal recommendation. I didn’t know about Fondex before but my old good friend suggested me to take a look on this brokerage, I think he was right.