Is TopTrader Scam or Legit Broker?

At first glance, TopTrader seems to be a legitimate broker (See the list of best forex brokers), as the company presents itself as one of the leading global Forex and CFD trading providers. The firm opens access to opportunities across thousands of financial markets through its intuitive platforms and helps to trade financial markets. 

About TopTrade
🗺️ Registered inEstonia
🗺️ Type of LicenseNo License
🛡️ Is TopTrade safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is TopTrade?

The broker assures that the implemented strictest security measures ensure the strength and stability of the trading and integrity to the safest trading account. However, the trademark TopTrade is used by the company, which is not showing clearly its location, therefore regulatory status, while the only fact they reveal is their payment provider PayPeq OU based in Estonia. For that reason, all the states may not be a fact, as simply none of the authorities confirm this status.

TopTrade Review

TopTrade Alternative Brokers

Due to our finds and issues with the safety of TopTrade here are much better Alternatives with good regulations and excellent trading conditions. Besides, there are so many attractive offerings among the Forex industry, so we always ask why to involve yourself into the risk to lose funds and trading with a non-regulated entity.

Of course, it is much safer to choose among the brokers that located and regulated in jurisdictions alike UK, Cyprus or Germany. We select Good Brokers and trustworty options for your comparison below: 

TopTrade Review Conclusion

Considering all the information found on TopStep Trader, it shows that the company definitely not well regulated (See forex scammer list here), has no legal license to deliver its financial service, therefore might be just another scam. Moreover, after looking at the TopTrade reviews on several review websites we found nothing but complaints or the negative experience faced by the traders. In our conclusion, we would advise avoiding TopTrade company and their proposals by any means, as it’s not the business to trust.

TopTrade Updates

We found TopTrade website is no longer active so the broker probably ceased its operation and does not provide access to trading anymore. We recommend staying alert and better choose trustworthy brokers with proven records of operation. 

Dennis Deck From United Kingdom | | Monday, February 24, 2020

Toptrades should not be regarded as a forex broker, they have no form of regulation and no actual trading conditions, which intensifies the suspicious nature of this so-called broker. I came across them when I was a newbie into the crypto and options trading world, at this point I was vulnerable and fell pray into the hands of these low-life scammer. I made a huge loss which had a tragic impact on mental and physical well-being, this triggered me to explore more into this new digital world where I encountered ALEXANDER WRIGHT (On SKYPE) of PARADIGM CyberRecovery ORGANIZATION who aided me towards reclaiming my assets. Further research also made me realize that toptrades’ website lacks a complete trading terminal, what they have on their site is a stolen chart from an official forex websites. (this chart is basically used for speculating the market and not for trading as I thought). This evidences technically marks Toptrades out as a simple con-artist with a phony website and makes empty promises to intended investors while draining their capital

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2 responses to “TopTrade”

  1. Top Trade Global Australia is DEFINATELY A SCAM. Promises are made but changed as one goes along to suit their requirements. Each change requires additional payment. Interest returns are good…..but try and withdraw monies from your trade wallet and you’ll see another side of them. When one wants to withdraw, they ask for more money before paying out. I guess they catch most of us sometime or another, but this was the last straw for me. I’m may be stupid but not that stupid.

    • i had similar experience before the trading site went down and so is all my $40+K profit. When l wanted to withdraw, they ask for payment of taxes 13+% of the withdrawal amount which you have to fund and not deducted from the withdrawal. After paying they intentionally said was credited into trading account and ask to pay again. after double paying, then another excuse to suspect robotic trading because l made too much profit and need to pay security deposit to release withdrawal but then never release at all until they claim site was hacked and shut down.

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