GramMarkets Co., Ltd (GMEX) possible scam

By yoyico9597, from Germany, October 25, 2020 at 06:18 PM

Hello, Could you please check on GramMarkets Co., Ltd (GMEX)? It is very hard to find any review on them. They claim to be regulated by FSA. Their regulatory number is 2020-25832-BC. Thank you!

Answer: Hi yoyico9597,

The broker GramMarkets Co., Ltd (GMEX) is registered by the Financial Services Authority of St Vincent and the Grenadines. St Vincent & Grenadines doesn’t have the regulation of Forex activity under its jurisdiction. You can read our detailed article on why brokers from St Vincent & Grenadines should be avoided.

We would not recommend to invest with this brokers and choose from those regulated by reputable authorities.

13 responses to “GramMarkets Co., Ltd (GMEX) possible scam”

  1. Fraud by Derek Capelin and Connie Wong (AKA Miyuki Sajo)

    Via Xing an Asian woman gets in contat with named Connie Wong becoming personally charming very quick. Her real name allegedly is Miyuki Sajo (mobile number +852 6435 1995) from Japan, telling she manages a hotel in Shanghai and purchased a Ferrari out of profits gained by trading at GRAMFXMARKETS. Recommends Derek Capelin (mobile number +44 7782 607203) who promise you one suggestion per week if you deposit $30,000, three suggestions per week if you deposit $60,000 and as lot as possible if you invest a minium of $100,000. Withdrawel not possible.
    does anybody know how to prosecute them???

    • Hi
      Same happened to me
      Lindsay zhang was her name in my case
      Very friendly and personal
      She apparently from Shanghai and she is in the hotel business
      Anyways she ended up bragging on how much money she makes on foreign exchange so she introduced me to this guy Derek capelin
      So we chatted as well on whatup
      He mentioned that the minimum requirement is $50,000 usd haha
      So the bottom line is that it’s the same scam as you and I didn’t put any money in it luckily

    • Hola! Deposite 3000 dólares en Grammarket y opere en MT5 a través de un analista que pasaba mis órdenes . Cuando quiero retirar ni dinero 3600 dólares que figuran en mí cuenta de el brokers no quiere liberar mis fondos dice que debo invertir hasta 5000 para que ellos cobren su comisión.. puedo hacer algo para retirar mis fondos más allá de que FSA no aplica la ley . Puedo quejarme en mí empresas de billetera electrónica!?

  2. Hi guyz and thanks for the info.
    I looked everything up after trying a demo account. And I found yout posts. Made me avoid loosing money and too much time.
    The number to blacklist: +852 6701 2092

  3. Same happened to me. Yaoyao (Lu Yao) from Shanghai +85246525303 and this person +61467490840 played the role of Analyst.
    I was told about AREUSD and the same way they tried to get money from me. If anyone can help me break their scam, I think I have chance of doing that, let me know here. I’ll keep checking this page regularly.

  4. An asian girl from Malaysia contacted me via Xing, her Name is Linna and her whatsApp number is +44 7882 857072. After private chats she recommended me to invest in online trade. I bought bitcoins on bitstamp and she guide me how to transfer the bitcoins to gramfxmarkets. I traded over the App MT5 with AREUSD.
    I made a quick profit but I was in doubt if this AREUSD-index is a fake.
    I withdraw 1.000 USD but the next withdrawal was not possible because my MT5-account was a invalid account.
    i believe the money i invested is lost

  5. Hi Folks, same happened to me like Muhammad and yoyico9597. So listen guys, now after two weeks I understand how this fake works. I had the same Scamer Elena with the Phone Number
    +85290930479 and Kevin +85295674521 from Hong Kong. Also another Person called Mia +85297326145. I lost nearly 6000 $ and now I´ll try to get my money back over the eWallet or maybe over my bank, but it is not the fault of the eWallet when I try to withdrawal my money back, otherwise I could come into trouble with them. Meta Trader 5 is just an App so everybody can reprogramm it like an real working trading app. The broker Gram FX Markets is also not a serious Broker. On their Web Platform there was no depot of Asia Rare Earth Index, but over MT5 yes. This Index is a fake. I also informed the state police and will also contact HK Police to check the ID of this 3 persons. Hopefully anything will happen. Take care guys and stay safe.

  6. Grams is 100% scam broker, one lady approach me form facebook and talk sweet and force me to invest with his broker and i open account and send rechange by BTC, after some successful trading once i try to withdraw i could not drawout money, then she say add more money to drawout,
    Its 100% scam people and company they cheated me with money and now block me, her name is and mobile number i mention now down
    Anixie +822 5338 5564
    Kevin +852 9430 5701


  7. Two separate Chinese women from Tinder, after 2-4 months of friendly chatting, then tried to push me to invest in a new account at Gram Markets broker using Meta Trader with promises to make big money.
    They say they make millions of dollars through Bitcoin options trading, but they make money by fraud. Their idea is for you to open an account at Gram Markets, which it turns out is not yours, but theirs.
    This is a total SCAM!
    I didn´t fall for the scam, but thanks to postings like this I saw the trap. Quite sad, since it was a waste of time. Luckily no monetary loss.
    Their numbers are +85253886447 (Yue), +85265107832 (Anna).

    Don´t fall for this scam!

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