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By Ganesh Kumar, from United Arab Emirates, November 15, 2018 at 07:44 AM

Hi, High warning about, and nasdaq. I have deposited upto 12 K Euros and the trades (Paper trade and i doubt the trades in their platform are genuine) brought 41 K Euros in about 4 to 5 months. The relation ship manager was Mr. simon Jansen (not a very smart crook though). He has requesting me to deposit another 25 K and kept on insisting. While he was insisting i tried a withdrawal of 3 K and that didnt happen. That made me suspicious and i didnt deposit it more money. Once he realised that i am not going to part more money, he went onto trade in Bitcoin without my permission and in half an hour the balance went into minus. Beware of this company. He was not smart (thank god for that) because had the 3 K withdrawal was success i would have put in more money. Please stay away from crooks such as this and company such as this

Answer: Hi Ganesh Kumar,

Hi Ganesh

Sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing your encountering with us, so our readers can avoid them.

We checked them. and are not licensed brokers. We listed them as brokers to avoid. 2dots Review and 8inFX Review here.