SL PRIME (full name Super Lucky Prime) is it regulator?

By Moneysh, from Netherlands, August 22, 2019 at 10:37 AM

Please check the regulatory license: 544126 of SL PRIME (full name Super Lucky Prime)

Answer: Hi Moneysh,

SL PRIME is an unregulated broker. We have checker the register of New Zealand’s Financial service providers and turned out the license number (544126) provided by SL PRIME belongs to another entity. It belongs to a NATIONAL CLOUD SERVICE CO LIMITED (previously Sl Industrial Co Limited) that is not associated with SL PRIME in any way. SL PRIME just uses the license details of the regulated entity while not being authorized.

SL PRIME is an unregulated broker

We recommend you to avoid SL PRIME and other unregulated brokers. You can choose the well-regulated New Zealand brokers from the list.

22 responses to “SL PRIME (full name Super Lucky Prime) is it regulator?”

      • Did you try withdrawing your money from your account? Do let me know as i am still contemplating to deposit my money in or not. Will really appreciate it if you could leave me a reply!

          • I got many Chinese grl approach me to deposit..Her name..zhanxuewang, katty,Aimee, Nana…They show their accountand her trading.ask you deposit money and trade together with them.

  1. Hi I get my username and password locked and I forgot it I have login and password for the MetaTrader., how I login pls help me.

  2. Her name is Na Mei or Nami or Vivian. She found me on Facebook and then we went to WhatsApp and then WeChat. She is 28 years old, Long black hair, thin, pretty, lives in Singapore says she works in the movie industry and has a son. Is this your person too?

  3. I was tricked too, her name was yingying from Guangzhou, her brother in law, the analist she calles johnny, pretty, skinny, i can’t post a picture but it’s fake…

  4. I was speaking to Nami and the WeChat went into video call and I saw an image of a guy. Do not use SL Prime. The person uses images of woman but it is really a scam. I hope if you invested you get your money back. I asked who the mail was and it said her friend. Lol! Busted.

  5. I also got approached by a Chinese woman call Maria, she made me invest money into a platform call bandung and the site suddenly disappear!! But before she told me about her friend having that platform call SL prime

  6. how do i get my money back? I was referred to by a friend who was apparently working closely with this broker and together they have scammed me previously and now they have claimed to be closed

  7. Following as well, in my case this person claimed to be from Taiwan but has a Hong Kong number, SL Prime has since closed and now i am unable to recover my money back, any help would be deeply appreciated

  8. SL Prime, San Francisco
    is Stream Lab Prime.
    A streaming software subscription.
    It costs 19 $USD/Month

    Hope this helps.

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