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By nana.obiri, from Ghana, November 25, 2021 at 04:31 PM

Hi, I have fallen victim to a scam by pipsreward.com who utilize the Binance platform to instruct clients to send bitcoins from to addresses particular addresses. My earnings is $20,581. And I have paid up certain charges to addresses yet they still demanding more which I have refused. They keep demanding for payments to the addresses above claiming it’s for the IMF and IRS. I have lost huge sums and never received my earnings because I have refused to send bitcoins to the IRS address they issued me. I have all the exchanges and don’t know how I can retrieve my monies. Is it possible to help retrieve my funds? Also do alert people about them.

  • Pipsreward Scam Alert
  • Pipsreward Scam Alert
  • Pipsreward Scam Alert
  • Pipsreward Scam Alert
  • Pipsreward Scam Alert
Answer: Hi nana.obiri,

We were not able to find any information about Pipsreward’s regulation or licenses the broker holds. The broker claims to be based in the US, however, there is also no profs of such registration in local US financial regulator registers. The terms and conditions on the website are not clear about a trading offer of the broker as well as the legal part. Therefore, we must conclude the broker is not regulated and is not allowed to offer its services.

We highly recommend to stop any cooperation with this entity and report about your withdrawal issues to your local financial regulatory authority. Also, since most probably you will not be able to withdraw your earnings, because for unregulated broker those are simply money that does not exist and does not backed up by any bank whatsoever, you can try and withdraw just your initial investment.

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  1. I wasn’t expecting you to put up my entire screenshots and all the details I gave. Can it be taken down as I am trying to get more disclosures from pipsreward.

    Please take it down for privacy issues.

    Thank you

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