Tradefx PointPro withdrawal issues

By Sodwa, from South Africa, October 25, 2021 at 02:30 PM

Good day, I invested with the help of an ‘expert broker’ on Binary trading. I was advised to create a Crypto wallet – Luno which will be used to transfer the funds to my trading account. I paid the initial first deposit of R3 000 (South African rands) to purchase my bitcoin and I was advised that after 3 days I will be able to withdraw my earnings/profit. I was asked after that to make a 10% deposit towards the commission which I did but still could not withdraw my funds even after I paid the deposit they requested. Even after I paid the deposit I discovered the system required a Transfer Code. When I followed up on this they told me that I needed to pay another R21 0000 south African rands ($1.400) in order to get the Transfer Code to be able to transfer my account. Is ‘TradefxPiontPro’ a reputable company/broker or have I been scammed? and what do I do now? My trading account is still active with all the money that I supposedly won. I am saying this because I am not even sure if the trading site itself is legit.

Answer: Hi Sodwa,

Tradefx PointPro does not seem to be a regulated broker. The first thing that we noticed is this broker’s domain name is not even written correctly when it is The website lack important information. Tradefx PointPro claims to be regulated by several financial regulatory authorities, but does not provide any details on it, like license numbers, contact info, not even terms and conditions. It is clearly not the best candidate for investment.

Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting your money back, especially the money you have won on trading. We would recommend you to try and withdraw your initial deposit and stop any cooperation with this company. You can also report about this issue to your local regulatory authority.

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  1. Good day, thanks for your feedback. I tried to withdraw my initial deposit which amounts to $792 but when I do that it still asks me for a ‘Transfer Code’ in order to process the withdrawal. The same Transfer Code I was told I need before I can withdraw my profits.

    What do I do now? Any ideas please??

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