Crypto Interest company is legal broker ?

By Hashik, from United Arab Emirates, April 20, 2019 at 07:52 AM

Crypto Interest company is legal broker? They told me their service is limited in Nigeria, But their toll free number USA on website. In website legal security mentioned “On February 15, Limited passed the incorporation process in the United Kingdom and was listed by Companies House as a legitimate establishment” So it’s regulated by FCA?

Answer: Hi Hashik,

The answer is NO, Crypto-interest is not regulated by the FCA in the UK. Crypto-interest Despite the provided documents about the registration with the Companies House, it doesn’t mean the authorization of the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Companies House is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies, it is not the regulator that approves licenses for the brokers in the UK. We recommend you to stay away from Crypto-interest as it is risky to trade with unregulated entities. 

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