Bluemaxcapital claims Hacked

By Coimbath, from India, October 14, 2019 at 04:36 PM

Bluemaxcapital claims they are hacked. Can any one say how to understand the truth

Answer: Hi Coimbath,

We haven’t found any information about BlueMax Capital being hacked on their website. Also, the broker is not regulated by any authority, and there is no other source to prove the claims about the hacking. 

BlueMax Capita is an offshore broker, so the clients funds won’t be protected in case of any unauthorized access to the company’s systems etc. It also may be a broker’s trick to get the clients money and use the hacking as an excuse. We cannot know it for sure, as again, the company is not regulated. 

We recommend to stay away from this company and check our full Bluemax Capital review

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