Temitope Abosede

Almost six years of my experience there was really positive. I speak not only about my earnings, but primarly about experience that company gave to me. So, let’s back in 2013, the time when I came to trade with Olymp Trade. – That was my first brokerage and I’ve tried to understand trading with BOOKS. To be fair, books are a lot of words but a few sense. You’re going to spend around 10 hours to read a lot of text but you have no guarantee that this text will give you at least some understanding of how to trade. I’ve read 5 books and I was at the same level of understanding, complete noob. – So the first reason why I’ve chose Olymp Trade was education. Really, education there was so nice – well structured, combining theory and practical examples. So I was reading, watching examples and practicing on demo. – And now I’m still with Olymp Trade. This brokerage introduced some nice upgrades now, including MT4 support and status system. I won’t speak about MT4, as think that’s obviously why MT4 was needed but status system is my one love. The essence is simple, the higher status you achieve – the better trading conditions you obtain and that’s fair, so more active traders with higher deposits get better conditions (including number of simultaneous trades).