In my opinion, trading is no longer considered to be a kind of entertainment, and has moved into the category of a format of earning, which can really be systematized and lead to a certain system of actions. The main thing is to take it seriously and learn how to assess the market situation and how to earn money. In general, this can be considered one of the key components of success in the market, and it is difficult to argue with this. On the other hand, there is another key component that should be taken into account – a brokerage company, which will be able to provide quality conditions for independent work. I can not say that I quickly resolved this issue, in fact, it took me some time to figure out what a broker should be and what conditions it should provide for its clients. And then I got acquainted with the service, which HYCM provides. It seems to me that it was here that we were able to combine a quality trading terminal and a large number of assets, excellent indicators for market analysis and convenient conditions for the organization of withdrawal. With HYCM you basically get everything you expected and you have no reason to worry about how the broker will influence your work. I have not seen any deals that are closed without my desire or any other situations that may affect my capital negatively. And for me this is the best confirmation that my broker is my partner, not the company that wants to take my money.