George Paules

I think that all hycm reviews should be based on a lot of trading experience, because it is hard to write a full honest broker review if you have been trading with them for 1 month. I think that during this time it will not be possible to take advantage of all the advantages of the broker or notice some disadvantages. Speaking of hycm broker we know that there are many things that I’d like to mention. For example, a trading platform. There is the legendary MT4 and its famous younger brother MT5. As many people know, MT5 has more possibilities for analysis. There are opinions that this is not really necessary and MT4 is a complete software for analysis and trading. Who knows? But for a month you will have little to learn … There are also 3 types of accounts. It’s easier because the broker offers a quiz to determine the type of account you need. Great! You also need to decide on the trading time. Everyone knows that there are three trading sessions. Your trading time will also depend on which assets you choose. I think what you need to consider when creating hycm reviews. It will be interesting for me to read .