Dennis Deck

Toptrades should not be regarded as a forex broker, they have no form of regulation and no actual trading conditions, which intensifies the suspicious nature of this so-called broker. I came across them when I was a newbie into the crypto and options trading world, at this point I was vulnerable and fell pray into the hands of these low-life scammer. I made a huge loss which had a tragic impact on mental and physical well-being, this triggered me to explore more into this new digital world where I encountered ALEXANDER WRIGHT (On SKYPE) of PARADIGM CyberRecovery ORGANIZATION who aided me towards reclaiming my assets. Further research also made me realize that toptrades’ website lacks a complete trading terminal, what they have on their site is a stolen chart from an official forex websites. (this chart is basically used for speculating the market and not for trading as I thought). This evidences technically marks Toptrades out as a simple con-artist with a phony website and makes empty promises to intended investors while draining their capital