Bhakti Karmacharya

I did not like working with Fondex. I read about a broker reviews online, and expected a little different. I’m kind of new to trading and I would like very much to see a brokerage pay more attention to the newbies. And Fondex doesn’t even have any normal training. It’s a pity that I realized that after I opened an account with it. Nobody helps me here, doesn’t give me any advice and other things. I have to deal with everything on my own and it takes a lot of time. The brokerage has a training section, but there you can find only some general articles that are freely available on any site with a trader theme. I started trading with Fondex only because it has low spreads, many people say it’s cool. But it turned out that without normal training, I somehow don’t care what spreads a broker has… So, I don’t even know if I will continue working with this broker, because I understand how important training in trading is. And I don’t want to look for all the necessary materials and pay for different courses by myself. I don’t even know what to do :c