Umar Ravi

Trading with Fondex is really nice experience and I have a lot of things to share with you, guys. First of all, I’ve finally found a brokerage that don’t offer me this endless MT4. Yeah, Metatrader is ‘golden standard’, but let’s be fair – it’s available since 2005 and it’s old now. And MT5 isn’t much better so. Fondex offers cTrader trading platform – the most close MT4 competitor. What I like in cTrader – there’s all MT4 features + native interface and no lags. Rly, each update don’t crash your trading as this sometimes happens with MT4. However, cTrader has one shortcoming – a few really good brokers, Fondex is one of them. What I also like – algotrading available, check it out. Even if you like trade manually – algorithms may be useful assistance. Also – scalpers are available without any restriction, for me, as a scalper that’s really nice thing. One of my previous brokers just have banned me for that reason 🙁 Don’t think all is too sweety there. There’s no education almost at all. So you should seek for place to learn outside, that’s sad. Overall, my exp is positive. If you ask me – I will suggest to try it 😉