Sid Ssekibuule

I learned about this broker from numerous hycm reviews I discovered online. The more I read about the broker the more intrigued I became. As reviews told me, that’s an old broker with a 40-year experience. In my eyes, this fact automatically made it reliable enough. So, it only remained to test it. When I came to their site, I saw that the broker offers up to three trading accounts. I chose an account with fixed spreads. That’s my long-lasting preference. I didn’t care about spreads earlier until I had a negative experience with floating spreads with some brokers. I mean that those spreads tended to increase to much, thus hitting my pending orders when I didn’t need it. After that I decided to be on the safe side and shifted to fixed spreads. They always stand still and I like it. I can’t say anything negative about the trading process. It flows well. The broker allows me to enter the market on the requested price without trying to cheat me. However, it would be weird for such a respected company to do this. I trade major currency pairs with this broker, so I don’t care whether the choice of assets is richest or not. I can access what I need and don’t care about the rest.