It’s both truth and misleading in one sentence. Yeah, AAFx Trading is off-shore registered brokerage and company never hide this, it’s clearly stated in the brokerage official website. However, that doesn’t mean that mean that brokerage isn’t safe. I think everything is determined with brokerage reputation – AAFX Trading has good one. Let’s be fair, each trader understand that offshore registration is because of taxation, not because brokerage wants to be a scam. Moreover, just keep in mind that regulations are about making restrictions – for deposit, for minimum deposit or for minimum lot, nevermind for what, but regulations take a part of traders’ freedom, promising us safety. It’s approach that’s accepted by many traders – trade with a lot of restricitions, but with understanding that your brokerage is regulated, but it doesnt’ mean that it’s 100% right. I think all this regulations in nothing good for traders, they bring restictions only and aren’t useful at all. It’s always better to be guided with reputation. I came to AAFX by my friend suggestion and I trade there for 2 years. Everything okey, broker always withdraw money, has a fast support service and all benefits, but also provides huge leverage and 100 dollars min depo, much lower than all ‘regulated’ brokers. Spreads are also lower, so think twice about this!