INFINOX AGENTS AND COMPANY UNPROFESSIONAL I was given false hope by the relationship manager of Infinox name Ahsan Yaqoob Sardar Infinox +971 56 132 7593 convincing me to join. After I deposited 60,000+ USD money, he promised me to give 20% bonus but till date not given nor infinox support helped me !!!! also, he gave me complete reves trades which completely finished my accounts in less than 30 days!!!! at last, I am left with only 1000 USD, lately, I realized he purposely making me lose ( it seems he is winning when I am losing)….. I make to this complaint to support [at] many times till date I didn’t get any callback also …………!!!!!! still, he is calling to top it up more and more …… I don’t have money to top it up anymore….