Myles Smith

This is my fifth year with FXCC. Nothing has changed as of today. The terminal works properly, the withdrawal and deposit is normal, the spreads are very small. In general FXCC has all conditions for trading: interface, analytics.
In my opinion the robot is never wrong and I will try it too. The team is professional!
One of the biggest advantages I see with FXCC, which is why I opened an account here, is the absence of any hidden fees and commissions. Everything here is simple – spread and swap. So you only pay when you trade and that’s it.
The rest of the time no one will touch your deposit. The terminal is great, it does not slow down! I have been in the black for four years now, but I have not taken much risk and I stick to risk management.
I trade by my own trading strategy, I sometimes read the news, it helps. I am trading with my trading strategy.