I have been trading with them for over 6 months. My account number is: 8164066. During trading everything was perfect: spreads, pricing execution, but when I submitted a withdrawal issues started. I requested a withdrawal of 4.6K, and it was not processed in time. After communication with the support, my withdrawal was put on hold and only 2K were returned. My account was cancelled, all my data was deleted. The risk team does not reply to me and they do not agree to speak with me over the phone. Hopefully, I have all the trading history and data saved so I can contact the regulator. If somebody thinks that they are reliable brokers, they are wrong. They are regular marketmakers who do not want you to make profits and if you made profits they simply cancel it for some unrealistic reasons. So basically if you want to trade, make profits and get your deserved money they are definitely not for you! I hope this is going to be the way to get some feedback from them.