Mahde Raman

I can understand people who haven’t experience or are very picky about their choice of a broker, BUT for me, it is strange that people write entire articles only accusing them. Maybe you should at least explain WHY?
I have been trading with this broker for over five years, and I am tired of explaining on traders’ forums that AAFX is a good broker.
Most of the accusations fall on the fact that the broker only has an offshore license. However, no one knows how much a full-fledged regulation costs? I know. A country may demand from an enterprise from 30 to 45% of taxes on its income from this, its economy grows. But, these are colossal sums for any company. If you have traded on AAFX Trading at least once, you may notice that the broker’s commissions are minimal or completely absent. Now, imagine if the company goes onshore? Will you be eager to pay higher commissions to let the company pay for these regualtory fees? I doubt that!