Kishor Bhattarai

When it comes to choosing a broker, the vast majority of traders give the top priority to its reliability. A trustworthy broker needs to have sufficient experience in the field. So, it’s not about a young project. Serious investors usually stick with respected brokerage services operating on the market for a long time. HYCM is a typical example of such companies. I was reluctant to entrust my hard-earned money to a young brokerage service. So, I learned that HYCM was started in 1977, I thought that a scam project could hardly exist in the industry for such a long period. As a scalper, I’m interested in the tightest possible spreads. So, I chose a Raw account because it offers strikingly low spreads (0,2 pips). I enjoyed the execution speed. The broker offers to use Metatraders only. That’s not a big problem for me since I know enough about these classical solutions. Some people require custom-made platforms, others opt for advanced alternatives to MTs such as cTrader. Nevertheless, MTs are still the number one trading terminals and most probably will retain their status in the near future. Offering MTs only, HYCM caters to conservative traders and this is a logical move for a veteran broker.