Karma Rajasa

I’m trading with Fondex copytrading for the second month and have something to share with you 🙂 Fist of all, copy trading is good way for passive trading, yeah, but that’s not only thing why copy trading is great opporunity. Another one is that you can use copy-trading as the way to learn trading, combining investing with learning. The truth is that after 2 months of copy-trading I want to trade myself, but I understand that I can’t be that confident in my skills yet. So far I guess that’s better to use masters. The money keep working, and I’m busy leanring more about the market. Here is idea is about how to choose the master. Look not only on master’s profits, but also on the strategy. You definnitely don’t want to choose a strategy with extreme drawdowns or suspiciously nice equity curve (that would likely mean the master does not use stops at all). This is especially important if you trade with relatively small amount of money.