On 3rd June started the trade. Starting Investment 299 USD value of BTC coin. Mr. Oscar Ryan(+1 (281)241-6958) contacted from this no via Whatsapp. He/she started trading daily & regularly.Today at present 12700 USD. Planned to withdrawal & doing the process Received mail confirmation by for withdrawal. But it is in the signal fee verification telling to pay 1550 USD. Mail received details mentioned copy & pasted.

Hello Imman Vel,

Your trade has ended successfully , note that you are to pay for
withdrawal fee of $1,550 for your withdrawal to be approved. once your
payment is received, you will have to provide your bitcoin address to
receive your profit of $12,700 .
Contact your account manager on how to make payment immediately through
your bitcoin wallet account.

Kind Regards.

Thanks for choosing

BTC Address: 353ETgtjGvVjA4z47mAEjQsdUbtaZLELfF


Kindly help me to get the payment. Advise what is the necessary action need to do. Thanks